The Best falafel in Paris guide

Guide to the Best Falafel in Paris

Paris is well known for it’s classical French food found in the many of the best bistros in the city but there’s also an incredible diverse selection of cuisines to be found, including amazing falafel.

We’ve done the hard work for you and we’ve searched for the best falafel to try in Paris – discover our guide to the best falafel and street food spots in the city!

What’s all the buzz around falafel in Paris?

It might not seem the most obvious food choice to eat whilst in Paris but the city has some of the best falafel in Europe (maybe even in the world). The incredibly delicious, cheap, vegetarian, chickpea derived sandwich is done extremely well here. Forget the poor store-bought balls that fall apart as soon as you touch them (no doubt they’re made from canned chickpeas) – these are the real deal. The exact origin of falafel is debated but the popular vegetarian snack was born in the Middle East and has become very popular all around the world.

Falafel vegetables

Real falafel is relatively laborious to make; dried chickpeas need to be soaked over night to hydrate and then a long cook helps to soft them up. Once cooked, the chickpeas are processed in a food-processor with garlic and various herbs and spices (usually parsley, coriander and cumin). The mixture is then shaped into balls and deep fried resulting in a crispy exterior and fluffy interior.

The falafel you’ll find in Paris is generally Israeli style (however there are Lebanese and Syrian style falafel restaurants as well) with the majority of well known falafel restaurants being located in the old Jewish quarter of the city. So where can you find the best falafel in Paris?

Finding the best falafel in Paris

There’s one area to find the best falafel in Paris and that’s the Marais. The Marais is a well known for its collection of falafel restaurants – from Lebanese style flatbread wraps to Israeli pita based sandwiches. Centred around the famous rue des Rosiers, it’s a street that’s difficult to miss with throngs of people queuing outside the doors of the many falafel restaurants.

L’as du Falafel

L’as du Falafel (L’as literally meaning the ace in English) is one of the highest rated falafel restaurants in the city and for good reason. It’s one of the busiest falafel joints on the street and typically has one of the biggest queues. However don’t be worried, the queue moves quickly and there’s usually staff members taking orders (with cash or card) whilst you wait.

L'as du Falafel in Paris

The falafels here are excellent, crispy and well seasoned and beautifully fluffy inside. I’d recommend getting their falafel special (which is €9) which comes with roasted aubergine, lots and lots of tahini sauce and optional harissa (it’s not particularly spicy and I personally ask for extra). For meat lovers there’s a turkey & lamb shawarma option which is particularly well done.

Falafel pita wrap

There is a table service restaurant section which is on the smaller side and is more akin to a quick service restaurant so don’t expect a long sit-down lunch/dinner.

What to know before you visit

  • Closed on Saturdays
  • The queue moves surprisingly quickly – don’t worry!

Address: 34 Rue des Rosiers, 75004
Tel: 01 48 87 63 60

Chez H’anna

Chez Hanna is another falafel restaurant on rue des Rosiers – at the end of the western side of the street. Typically there are less queues here compared to L’as or King Falafel so if you’re hungry and don’t want to queue, Chez H’anna is a great option.

Chez Hanna falafel

Their falafel pita sandwich to take away is €9 and is very generously filled with vegetables and sauce (I’d recommend getting a fork to attack the top layer before you take a bite!). The falafel here is very good – equally as crispy, well seasoned and fluffy inside compared to L’as. The vegetables in comparison are similar although there is carrot in addition to the obligatory red cabbage and cucumber.

falafel Paris chez hanna

Dining in here is a great option as the dining room is larger compared to L’as and much more relaxed. Their falafel assiette (where the falafel and ingredients is served on a plate rather than in a pita bread) is enormous and perfect if you’re feeling really hungry.

What to know before you visit

  • There’s seating inside

Address: 54 Rue des Rosiers, 75004
Tel: 01 42 74 74 99


Mi-Va-Mi is located opposite L’as in the centre of rue des Rosiers. With it’s outside terrasse – which on a sunny day will be basked in sunlight – is a great spot to enjoy a falafel sandwich or a grilled kebab platter.

Mi-Va-Mi falafel

The falafel at Mi-Va-Mi is well done although I’ve noticed the levels of crispiness can vary. The falafel platters don’t have as much crispy fresh vegetables in comparison to other falafel spots near by but there’s more tomatoes, pickled cauliflower and roasted aubergine in comparison.

For meat lovers there is a fantastic array of charcoal grilled meat platters which are really good.

mi-va-mi paris meat dish

What to know before you visit

  • There’s seating outside in the sun

Address: 23 Rue des Rosiers, 75004
Tel: 01 42 71 53 72


Mao is one option in this list that isn’t in the Marais, in fact it’s on the left bank in the popular Saint Michel area. Maoz is a small open take-away only vegetarian and falafel restaurant.

maoz falafel Paris

They have a distinct difference to many spots in this list by way having more of a ‘salad bar’ approach – the €7 falafel pita is filled with toppings of your choosing and they’re really well done. Choose from cumin roasted carrots or herb dressed tomatoes and finish it off with a healthy amount of home-made harissa sauce – it’s delicious.

What to know before you visit

  • Take away only
  • Open every day and until 2am Thursday – Saturday

Address: 8 Rue Xavier Privas, 75005
Tel: 01 43 26 36 00

Other options

There are other falafel options in the Marais and on rue de Rosiers and some can be a bit hit and miss. If there are queues or you really want to sit down you can try King Falafel or Chez Marianne. The latter also offers a wide range of Jewish pastries and cakes to try.

King Falafel Paris
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