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Where to Find the Best Lobster Rolls in Paris

Paris has some incredible restaurants serving lobster rolls (caviar and truffle optional!). Discover our guide to the best spots in Paris.

Lobster rolls are a relatively new concept in France – common in the USA and the UK – they’ve become increasingly popular, especially in Paris. Buttery soft brioche bread toasted and then filled with a chopped lobster in a herby mayonnaise mix – what’s not to love?

Despite being a relatively small snack/lunch/dinner they are deceptively filling due to the fact that lobster is really dense in protein. Couple an amazing roll with a side of fries or chips and you’ve got a great meal that are now being served up in the cities best bistros. Be warned however, they generally are not cheap as lobster in Europe is a very expensive ingredient – you can expect to pay upwards of €200 for a medium blue Brittany lobster in the beach clubs in Saint Tropez for example.

Our guide has a couple of very good spots for you to indulge in an awesome lobster roll in Paris!

Homer Lobster

Homer is a French lobster-roll quick service restaurant chain started by Moïse Sfez in 2017. They’ve now got 3 locations in Paris – one in the Marais, Odéon and Victor Hugo areas. They’ve also got a location in Saint-Tropez and Marseille in the South of France.

Lobster roll Paris homer with chips

The main item on the menu here is of course their famous, award winning lobster roll (they won the Lobster Roll World Championship in Maine, USA in 2018). It’s now a blend of crayfish and lobster (no doubt to keep costs down) but it’s really good. The brioche roll is really fresh (buttery and soft like a cloud) and is generously filled with the creamy lobster filling (note there’s no salad and avocado to bulk your roll out!) and topped with freshly minced chives.

The standard roll is currently €20 by itself, you can add chips and a soft drink for €27. You can upgrade your roll even further to the XL size (€25 alone) and if you really want to treat yourself, add a generous helping of caviar for a total of €60 (but trust me there’s a lot of caviar). They also have a crab roll for €15 and grilled cheese sandwich options from €7 going up to €37 if you want lobster and caviar in your grilled cheese sandwich!

Lobster roll Homer

What to know before you visit

  • Ample seating available in most of their locations
  • You can order online but it’s really worth getting your roll just after it’s been freshly toasted.


Marais 21 Rue Rambuteau, 75004
Odéon 15 Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie, 75006
Victor Hugo 106 avenue Victor Hugo, 75116

Website: https://www.homerlobster.com

Frenchie To Go (FTG)

Note: Frenchie to Go will be changing into a new concept in Summer 2023 so get over ASAP to try their lobster roll!

Frenchie to go Paris

Frenchie to Go is the casual sister restaurant of the 1 Michelin starred Frenchie. FTG is located right next door to the fine dining restaurant on the small, animated rue du Nil in the 2nd Arrondissement.

Described by it’s owner (Gregory Marchand) as “how I eat when I’m in London or New York”, FTG offers incredible British & American style sandwiches including smash burgers, pulled pork rolls, reuben sandwiches and of course their famous lobster roll.

Their lobster roll is a thing of beauty, a fantastic fresh brioche bun (supplied by the bakery that supplies their 1 Michelin starred restaurant) toasted in butter then filled with lobster mixed with a beurre blanc sauce. Served with hand cut fries for €30 – you really do get what you pay for. You can go the extra mile and add shavings of black truffle (the same truffle you can eat in a 1 Michelin star restaurant).

What to know before you visit

  • Ample seating inside
  • No need to reserve

Address: 9 Rue du Nil, 75002
Tel: 01 42 21 96 92
Website: https://www.frenchie-ftg.com/en/home/

Le Chardenoux

If you’re wanting to eat a lobster roll in a chic restaurant setting then Le Chardenoux is a great option. Owned by renowned French chef, Cyril Lignac, Le Chardenoux is a modern take on a classical French restaurant. Their dining room is as traditional as in many found in the best bistros in Paris but their menu isn’t as traditional.

Their ‘sushi’ salmon started is dressed with chipotle and their salmon tartare is served in a taco with hot sauce – all fantastic modern twists.

If you’re looking for a lobster roll, it’s served as a main and it’s great. Served with fries (they are included!) the lobster is mixed with a cocktail sauce (think prawn-cocktail) and has thin slices of avocado and finely shredded lettuce added to the mix.

What to know before you visit

  • You can reserve online

Address: 1 Rue Jules Vallès, 75011
Tel.: 01 43 71 49 52
Website: https://restaurantlechardenoux.com

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