Rue des rosiers paris

Rue des Rosiers in Paris

Rue des Rosiers in Paris is a beautiful Medieval street in the Marais district. Meaning ’Road of the Rosebushes’ in English, the street is at the heart of the Jewish district in Paris. Unofficially called ‘the Pletzl’, meaning ‘little area’ in Yiddish, it’s historically been home to many Jewish stores, cafes and bakeries.

rue des rosiers paris

The area surrounding the Rue des Rosiers is nowadays well known for it’s Sunday shopping. Throughout Paris there are strict rules on opening hours – especially on Sunday – however these rules were relaxed in the Marais as Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath. It’s resulted in the street and area being very popular on Sundays, bringing in Jews and non-Jews to its restaurants, cafes and shops.

If you’re want to know more about the history of the street, what to see, where to eat and where to stay nearby then read on.

History of Rue des Rosiers

The Rue des Rosiers dates back to around 1230 where it got its name from roses that were growing in a nearby garden. The street was originally built parallel to the Wall of Phillipe Auguste. Stones from the original wall can still be seen in the nearby Jardin Des Rosiers – Joseph-Migneret which can be accessed directly on the street at no. 10.

jewish bakery on rue des Rosiers

The area became inhabited by the Jewish community in the early 1300s and has seen the community shrink and grow over the years after persecutions and expulsions. In the late 19th century there was an influx of Jewish immigrants from the Ashkenazi & Sephardic communities. It was then where the ‘Pletzl’ became established with more and more Jewish businesses opening. Nowadays many of the original Jewish shops have closed and been taken over by fashion boutiques and pop-up shops.

In 1982 there was a terrorist attack in the Jo Goldenberg restaurant where 6 people died and 22 were injured. There is a memorial plaque next to the restaurant, which still stands today.

What to see on Rue des Rosiers

The 303 meter long road has a lot of buildings of note including at 4 rue des Rosiers where the famous Saint-Paul Hammam was located. Built in 1863 it eventually as sold off in 1990 and has since become a fashion store. At 17 rue des Rosiers there is one of two Synagogues on the street. During the Nazi occupation of Paris, the synagogue was taken over and became the “school of deportees”. There are visits organised monthly and during the Pletzl festival during May. You can access the Jardin des Rosiers – Joseph-Migneret through a doorway at 10 rue des Rosiers and here you can see an original part of the oldest city wall built by Philliphe Auguste in 1190. Finally at 27 rue des Rosiers there’s a very old Jewish bakery that has been open since 1865.

Jardin des Rosiers - Joseph-Migneret marais
Jardin des Rosiers – Joseph-Migneret

Restaurants on Rue des Rosiers

Rue des Rosiers is mainly known for it’s falafel restaurants and it’s here where you’ll be able to try the best falafel in Paris. Your first stop should be at L’as du Falafel to try one of their delicious takeaway falafel sandwiches. It’s cheap, healthy and incredibly good! They also have table service if you want to dine in although they don’t have sandwiches on the menu. Another good option is Mi-Va-Mi just opposite L’as du Falafel. They also have excellent falafel has well as charcoal grilled meat platters for non-vegetarians. Finally there’s the beautiful Chez Marianne just off rue des Rosiers where you can eat great Israeli food on their terrace.

chez Marianne paris

Bars & Cafés near Rue des Rosiers

There are some great bars and cafés close by to rue des Rosiers (and indeed some great bars in the Marais). La Belle Hortense is a fantastic, quaint bar & bookshop is just around the corner from rue des Rosiers. It’s a great spot (albeit it can be filled with tourists) to grab a glass of wine and a platter of French cheese after sightseeing. Further down there’s Les Philosophes which is a pretty, traditional French café/bistro with a large outside terrace. It’s a lovely spot to grab a coffee and watch the world go by!

la belle hortense le marais paris

Where to stay near Rue des Rosiers

If you’re looking for a hotel to stay at near rue des Rosiers then check out our favourite spots below.

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Hotel Dupond-Smith

If you’re looking for a luxury 5* hotel in the Marais then Hotel Dupond-Smith is a great option. Around a 4 minute walk from rue des Rosiers and about 15 minutes to the Louvre, it’s superbly located. The rooms are comfortable, ultra modern and full of designer inspired furniture. There’s only 8 rooms in the hotel so you’ll need to book in advance during peak times of the year.

hotel dupond-smith


9Confidentiel is an awesome retro boutique hotel close by to rue des Rosiers. The 60/70s inspired design is consistent throughout the hotel with funky yet functional furniture from the era dotted around the rooms. It’s modern, comfortable and fun whilst still keeping a traditional French feel throughout.

9confidentiel paris

Grand Hotel Malher

Just around the corner from rue des Rosiers lies the 3* Grand Hotel Malher. This hotel has been within the same family for 3 generations and is a great budget option whilst still being in the heart of the Marais. Breakfast is served in an old wine cellar dating back from the 17th century.

hotel masher
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