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Guide to the Best Bars in Paris 2024

Looking for the best bars to hit up when you’re in Paris? My insider list has the best spots in the city for craft cocktails, wine, beer and of course the authentic bars where locals drink!

Updated regularly, this list features my favourite bars in the city that I’ve called home for nearly 8 years. Feel free to comment if you have suggestions.

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Wine Bars

Liquiderie Bar

The Liquiderie Bar is one of my favourite bars in the vibrant Belleville area. Located in the heart of the right bank’s China town, it’s a great bar for a night out followed by some awesome food.

They stock some superb natural and biodynamic wines from small producers – from funky whites to light, chillable reds. Another bonus is that they have plenty of craft beer on tap which rotate frequently. Finally they have a solid snack menu with artisan cheeses, charcuterie and small sharing plates.

What to know before you visit

  • Open every day of the week from 5pm-midnight weekday and until 2am Fridays and Saturdays
  • It gets very busy on the weekends so come early if you want a table
  • They have an outside terrace open during the warmer months

Address: 7 Rue de la Présentation, 75011
Tel: 09 72 91 36 77

Septime La Cave

Septime’s La Cave is an awesome small, intimate wine bar serving the killer natural, small-producer wines that you’ll find in their 1 Michelin Star restaurant.

best bars Paris septime la cave

Grab a seat and their super knowledgable staff will ask what kind of wine you like and find something to match your taste. There’s a few select wines by the glass and plenty of awesome bottles to drink or take away. They’ve also got some killer charcuterie and cheese on hand if you’re feeling a bit peckish!

What to know before visiting

  • Open every day of the week from 4pm-11pm
  • There’s very limited seating inside

Address: 3 Rue Basfroi, 75011
Tel: 01 43 67 14 87

Dix Visions de la Joie

Away from the city centre in the bohemian 20th arrondissement is a gem of a bar – Dix Visions de la Joie. It’s locals only here and it’s always busy.

best bars Paris Dix Visions de la Joie

The wine selection is superb and they’ve always got new bottles coming in. Despite having a huge selection of natural and organic wines the staff really know their stuff and can find you a wine to match your taste. Not in the mood for wine? They’ve got some killer craft (and locally brewed) beer on tap and a small kitchen pumping out some great food.

What to know before you visit

  • You can reserve tables (phone only)
  • Closed Sundays
  • Open till late

Address: 80 Rue des Rigoles, 75020
Tel: 07 64 80 63 55

Aux Deux Amis

I’ve spent many a weekend evening at Aux Deux Amis and it’s up there in my top 5 favourite bars in the city. The bar/restaurant is just pure modern Paris – it’s hectic, loud and really fun.

best bars Paris aux deux amis

The wine at Aux Deux Amis is special – they haven’t got the biggest wine menu in the city but they’ve got some awesome bottles. Ask for what you like and they’ll bring you something you’ll love. Wash it down with their charcuterie, cheese or even one of their incredible small dishes (their tartare is very good).

What to know before you visit

  • Book ahead of time for weekends(you need to call)
  • It gets lively during weekend nights

Address: 45 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris
Tel: 01 58 30 38 13


Déviant is a killer wine bar/restaurant in the 8th arrondissement. The main, open bar is mainly standing room only (which gives it a very Pintxos bar vibe) although they have added tables on their summer terrace.

It’s natural wine only here and it’s awesome. Their selection is hand picked from around Europe (they’ve got plenty of great wine from Italy!) and changes regularly. The kitchen pumps out some great small sharing plates such as roast duck with jus and hand cut beef tartare.

What to know before you visit

  • Closed on Mondays
  • You can reserve in their small restaurant area (though it doesn’t have the same atmosphere as the bar section!)
  • Open for lunch and dinner

Address: 39 R. des Petites Écuries, 75010
Tel: 01 40 00 28 70

Chez Nous

On the left bank, (rive gauche) next to the Pont Neuf is a cracking wine bar, Chez Nous. Despite its central location, it’s anything but a tourist trap – it’s a trendy, intimate bar with some of the best wine served in the city.

Like many bars in this list they do have a lot of natural wine but the majority are very accessible and are simply classical wines with very low sulphites added. The result is an incredible wine list along side some excellent charcuterie and cheese. I’d recommend coming here if you prefer a slightly more classical wine bar experience.

What to know before you visit

  • Open every day from 6pm
  • They don’t take reservations
  • I’d advise to come when they open on weekends – it’s a small bar and it’s very popular

Address: 10 Rue Dauphine, 75006
Tel: 01 43 26 42 69

Le Baron Rouge

Le Baron Rouge, or the Red Baron, is a hectic, lively and incredibly fun wine bar just around the corner from the Marché d’Aligre in the 12th arrondissement. It’s one of those spots that incapsulates the bar culture of a city and for me, this is the one for Paris.

best bars Paris le baron rouge

With over 30 different wines on offer it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know about French wine. But don’t worry, ask and you’ll be given recommendations based on your personal taste (oh and a tip, don’t ask for a grape variety). There’s classical, organic and natural wine on offer from all over France including some well priced Burgundy wines. They’ve also got some fantastic, reasonable charcuterie and cheese on offer.

What to know before visiting

  • You can’t reserve – it’s first come, first serve
  • There’s very limited seating so come early or prepare to stand
  • Opening times vary each day but open all day from 10am-9:30pm on Saturdays

Address: 1 Rue Théophile Roussel, 75012
Tel: 01 43 43 14 32

Cocktail Bars

Bar Principal

Bar Principal is a fantastic late night cocktail bar with some great food and killer beers. The industrial, candle lit bar is one of the moodiest in the capital and I love it. Located Just off the very pretty Square Maurice Gardette, it’s a great place to grab after dinner drinks if you’re in the 11th arrondissement.

Their cocktails are all in-house creations and they’re very well done. For those who want something else they’ve also got locally brewed, craft beers on tap and a funky natural wine selection. Oh and if you haven’t eaten, no worries, their kitchen has some great bar snacks and dishes (fried chicken, confit potatoes and an awesome smash burger).

What to know before visiting

  • Open every day until late
  • You can’t reserve

Address: 5 Rue du Général Renault, 75011

Dirty Dick

The Dirty Dick is a legendary cocktail bar in Pigalle that is definitely requires a visit. It’s a tropical/Polynesian themed bar which to some might appear a bit kitsch but that’s all part of the fun.

Their cocktails all in-house creations and the names include plenty of puns. They’re seriously good and ever single one has so much effort put into then. From dehydrated fruit, home made syrups, fresh juice and high quality liquor – they’re all fantastic. Their Zombie cocktail includes a mix of spirits and comes with a burning lime for a bit of theatre.

What to know before you visit

  • Open every day of the week until late (3am on weekends)
  • You can’t reserve

Address: 10 Rue Frochot, 75009

Red House

Nestled in a small side street close to Bastille, you’ll find an awesome American-French bar – the Red House. With an ambiance straight out of New Orleans, it’s a rather unknown but really great craft cocktail and beer bar. Don’t think that this is a generic American sports pub where all the expats go. You’ll find plenty of locals enjoying their awesome in house created cocktails and their imported beer on tap.

red house bar Paris

You won’t find wine here but do order one of their awesome cocktails. I always go for their Wild West Side cocktail (tequila, pepper and cucumber). If you’re hungry they have a great Tex-Mex menu with some killer tacos.

What to know before visiting

  • You don’t need to reserve
  • Open every day of the week
  • They serve tacos Tuesday-Sunday

Address: 1bis Rue de la Forge Royale, 75011
Tel: 01 43 67 06 43

Little Red Door

They’re currently closed for renovations with no current opening date – check back soon for news!

The Little Red Door is another legendary cocktail bar in Paris that is a must-visit. Named after its literal little red, entrance door, the bar is very popular with both tourists and Parisians. Yes it’s popular to the extent where you’ll have to queue during anything peak times but yes it’s worth it.

Past the quirky little entrance, the seriously cool setting is so Le Marais. It’s not just aesthetic – the bar delivers a serious punch. Just like many environmentally aware restaurant and bar owners in Paris, the Little Red Door only source their ingredients (non-alcoholic of course) from the Paris region. The result are some fantastic, low carbon drinks. There’s a whole host of classic cocktails and their seasonal in-house creations.

What to know before visiting

  • They don’t take reservations
  • Closed on Sundays and Mondays
  • Open from 6pm until late

Address: 60 Rue Charlot, 75003
Tel: 01 42 71 19 32


Close by to the Little Red Door in Le Marais is a gem of a hidden bar. Arrive outside the address and you’ll be greeted with a small Mexican restaurant with a bright neon sign – go in and head to the back to a small door – this is how you get into Candelaria.

candelaria bar paris

A critically acclaimed bar (they’ve been in the World’s 50 Best Cocktail Bar list for some time now) and genuinely amazing taqueria, Candelaria is a must-do when you’re in Paris. The ambiance is killer and the drinks are fantastic. It’s moody, dimly lit and perfect for a date night. Their drinks are ultra original, Mexican inspired and made with flawless, inventive ingredients. They’re clean, impeccably presented and have a lot of kick. Tequila infused with arbol peppers finished with coriander and cucumber – they’re all delicious.

What to know before visiting

  • They don’t take reservations
  • Open every day until 2am
  • Arrive early on weekends to get a table – or expect to queue!

Address: 52 Rue de Saintonge, 75003


Love music, good vibes and excellent cocktails? Fréquence is the one. Located near Bastille, it’s one of my favourite spots for quality cocktails and great food. There’s no Spotify playlists here – it’s vinyl only and it’s spun all night long.

frequence bar paris

The drinks are excellent as is the service – in-house creations are made with love and quality alcohol. There’s no wine served at Fréquence (apart from a glass of Prosecco) and only bottled lager. Go for the cocktails and enjoy! Oh and they do some killer snacks as well (fried chicken, croquettes, dumplings etc).

What to know before visiting

  • You can’t reserve – it’s first come, first serve
  • There’s limited seating so come early or prepare to wait for a seat!
  • Closed on Sundays and Mondays
  • They’re open until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays

Address: 20 Rue Keller, 75011
Tel: 01 71 32 40 35

Local Bars

Chez Georges

Chez Georges is an awesome, authentic wine bar in the 6th arrondissement that is a very rare find in the area. Started in 1957, the bar retains its old-school charm with the walls adorned with vintage posters. There’s an underground cellar section for seating and they often host live jazz evenings.

Chez Georges bar paris

The bar predominately serves wine although they now have a great craft lager on tap. Their house red and white comes from Bordeaux and is super cheap at €3.5 for a generous glass and a bottle is €16. They also have cheese & charcuterie platters for €12.

What to know before you visit

  • Open daily from 6pm until 2am Thursday-Saturday and until 1am Sunday-Monday
  • They have frequent concerts – check their website for dates

Address: 11 Rue des Canettes, 75006
Tel: 01 43 26 79 15

Le Mansart

About a 5 minute walk from Pigalle in Montmartre and you’ll come across one of my favourite bars in Pigalle, Le Mansart. It’s more of a hip version of a traditional French terrace/café but with killer tapas and some great drinks. It’s distinctly French in terms of service (make of that what you will) but it’s a real where locals go kind of place.

le mansart bar paris

Come here and you’ll spend hours on their outside terrace drinking good wine and eating great food. They’ve got cheaper wine by the glass for €4 and pints of lager for €6. The evening tapas menu is great and varies but you’ll be sure to see steak tartare, generous portion of French fries and Japanese fried chicken (karaage).

What to know before you visit

  • Open everyday from 9am-2am
  • Tapas is served in the evening from 6-10pm

Address: 1 Rue Mansart, 75009
Tel: 01 56 92 05 99

Chez Prune

Chez Prune is actually the first ever bar I went to in Paris back in in 2008 and it’s still a favourite to this day. An absolute ‘where the locals go’ spot next to the Canal Saint Martin, it’s a brilliant little bar that’s affordable and has some good quality wine and food.

The interior hasn’t change in 30+ years – it’s an authentic Parisian bar. The terrace has a great view across the canal and the surrounding streets – a perfect spot for people watching!

What to know before visiting

  • Open until 2am every night of the week
  • It can get busy at weekends, take a seat at the bar and you’ll eventually get a table

Address: 36 Rue Beaurepaire, 75010
Tel: 01 42 41 30 47

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