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6 Unique Hotels in Le Marais in Paris

Travelling to Paris and looking for a hotel in Le Marais district? Our guide has got the best boutique, luxury and budget hotels in the incredibly vibrant and historical Marais area. Read on to discover our favourite spots for you to stay at.

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Where to Stay in Le Marais

Le Marais is a well known, old district of Paris dating back to the Medieval period. Untouched by Baron Haussmann’s remodelling of the city, it’s steeped in history and is a fantastic place to stay during your trip to Paris. The district has historically been the Jewish quarter of Paris but in more recent years it’s become home to the LGBT community, high fashion boutiques and art galleries. It’s an extremely eclectic and vibrant neighbourhood, a far cry from other quiet residential in the city. Its popularity has made it become one of the go to areas for tourists to stay and for good reason. As well as many historical attractions, there’s also an array of great restaurants in the Marais, as well awesome bars and cafés.

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The area itself isn’t enormous and it takes around 10 minutes to across the district itself. It’s home to small, picturesque Medieval streets and some of the oldest buildings in the city. Wondering where exactly to stay in the Marais? It actually doesn’t make a huge difference as the area is actually quite small. I would advise to stay in the South of the Marais, in-between rue de Bretagne and rue Saint-Antoine as this is the most lively area (though not noisy!).

So if you’re looking for some great places to stay read on to discover our favourite hotels.

Our Favourite Hotels in the Marais

Our favourite hotels in Le Marais are our picks of the best luxury, boutique and budget hotels for all budgets. Hotels are listed in no particular order.


Sinner is a luxury 5* hotel with seriously cool, contemporary style. Unlike many of the nearby hotels which focus on a traditional Parisian vibe, Sinner the complete opposite. A moody theme of dark wood, deep red accents and risqué references run throughout many parts of the hotel including their popular speakeasy bar. The moody bar is has plenty of candles and smoke machines adding even more mystery to the ambiance. The rooms are super modern and mix a bright modern elements with dark wooden panels contrasting with rich, red upholstery.

best hotels le marais paris sinner
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Les Bains Paris

Les Bains started life as a public bathing spot for the Parisian aristocracy in the 19th century. Fast forward to the 1980s and the venue became an exclusive nightclub where celebrities would often be found. Nowadays, Les Bains is now a boutique 4* hotel with some serious style. Throughout there are design nods to its hedonistic past with old traditional furniture contrasting perfectly with designer pieces from the 80s. There rooms are in some ways minimalistic, clean yet with industrial accents that work so well. The final bonus? There’s an indoor swimming pool for guests to enjoy.

les bains hotel paris
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Les Tournelles

Perfectly located just a minute’s walk away from the Place des Vosges, Les Tournelles is a great budget 3* boutique hotel. Situated on the rue de Turenne, it’s surrounded by lovely, classic French bistros and cafés. The rooms are on the smaller side but are well decorated in a bright, colourful yet clean, modern style. The dining room is in an ancient wine cellar dating back to the 17th century.

les tournelles hotel paris
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Bastille Speria

To the South East of the place des Vosges lies the Bastille Speria hotel which is a classy, unpretentious 3* boutique hotel. The modern design is minimal and unfussy yet extremely comfortable. It’s an excellent budget choice if you’re wanting to stay in the very heart of the Marais. There’s a wide range of room choices including single rooms and connecting rooms to accommodate larger families. Despite the perfect location and modern rooms, the rooms are very well priced making it an ideal choice for a couple visiting the city for a weekend.

Bastille speria paris
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Le Pavillon de la Reine

The Pavillon de la Reine hotel is a beautiful 5* luxury hotel a few steps from the Places des Vosges. The stunning property surrounds a central courtyard where you’ll be greeted with a vista of greenery from the plant wall on the side of the hotel. If you want a relaxing, luxury hotel with a country house charm, yet still in the middle of the city? Then this is the hotel for you. Each room has been decorated individually and there’s been some serious thought gone into each unique design. It’s quiet luxury and a perfect spot for a couple wanting a relaxing stay during their trip.

le pavillon de la reine hotel
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Hôtel de JoBo

Hôtel de JoBo (technically its full name is Hôtel de Joséphine Bonaparte) is a great 4* hotel in the heart of the Marais. Stepping into the lobby you’ll find an eclectic interior design which is reminiscent of the Chateau de Versailles but with a 90s touch. It’s fun and very much of the area. Their rooms get the old-meets-new treatment and are very comfortable. It’s on the pricier side but it’s very well located being only a few minutes walk from the Place des Vosges.

hotel de jobo paris
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