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Street Food in Paris: The Insider Guide

Our insider guide to new, modern street food in Paris

If you’re looking for the best street food in Paris then we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide. Paris has some amazing traditional French bistros and Asian restaurants but in recent years the food scene has become a lot more diverse with many more cuisines being represented. From spicy fusion food to modern Mexican tacos, Paris has a lot on offer that’s not known to a lot of tourists and Parisians a like.

I’ve put together a list of my favourite street food restaurants and take-aways for a quick bite and fantastic street food markets in the capital.

The best street food in Paris

Discover the best street food within the capital with my guide on specific restaurants and cuisines (in no particular order).


The Candelaria is one of my favourite spots in Paris for some amazing tacos and incredible cocktails. The bar/restaurant is split into two sections with the front appearing like a very small taquería, however go past the tiny kitchen and you’ll enter a moody, intimate cocktail bar with low lighting. Candelaria has the best tacos in Paris and I can’t even count how many times I’ve been here, it’s that good. Non-stop service from midday to midnight 7/7, it’s a great place for a quick bite throughout the day. Their taco menu changes throughout the year and they always have one delicious vegetarian option. Expect crispy pork shoulder carnitas, shredded spicy chicken with pineapple and beef tongue tacos (trust me, it’s good). There’s two salsas available – a smooth red (almost pico de gallo style) and one green salsa verde.

street food Paris Candelaria
Pollo Pibil tacos (spicy shredded chicken tacos)

What to know before you visit.

  • They don’t take reservations and there’s very limited seating
  • The cocktail bar only serve enchiladas & guac and chips – don’t expect to get anything more than that if you go to the bar

Address: 52 Rue de Saintonge, 75003
Tel: 09 50 84 19 67


Whilst Dumbo perhaps isn’t the classic street food that you may have in mind, their smash burgers served up to eat on their counter or take-away, are epic. Two patties smashed wafer thin until they achieve a superb crust are topped with American cheese and served in a soft potato bun with minced white onions and pickles. It’s simple stuff but they’ve nailed the basics unlike many smash-burger joints in the city – they’ve kept it simple. Dumbo also occasionally do fried-chicken in their Petites-Écuries location. Oh and they have a vegetarian smash burger although it is more expensive than its carnivore cousin.

dumbo smash burger street food

What to know before you visit.

  • They usually sell out by 10pm so go early
  • Vegetarian burger available

Address: 14 Rue des Petites-Écuries, 75010

Riha Durum

Riha Durum is a small Kurdish sandwich take-away and restaurant near the famous rue Montorgueil in the capitals 2nd arrondissement. With a charcoal grill in the semi-open kitchen, skewers of chicken, lamb and vegetables are grilled to order and packed into a home made flatbread with salad and herbs. One of my absolute favourite spots for a quick street-food bite, the incredible charcoal bbq flavour is hard to beat.

Street food Paris Riha durum

What to know before you visit.

  • Closed on Sundays
  • Limited seating inside if the weather’s not great

Address: 1 Rue des Petits Carreaux, 75002


There had to be a kebab option in this list and Surpriz offers one of the best kebabs in the city. Their modern Berlin-style Donner kebabs are really bright with home-made ingredients (such as their zingy sauces) and fresh bread. It’s a very refreshing alternative to the multitude of generalist kebab shops over the city and it’s really worth a try. Their meat kebab option is chicken (halal) and they also offer a vegetarian option. The home made fries are killer.

Street food Paris surpriz
Donner kebab at Surpriz on Rue Oberkampf

What to know before you visit.

  • Open every day and until midnight on weekends
  • Limited seating inside

Address: 110 Rue Oberkampf, 75011

Bang Bang

Bang Bang is one option on this list that is much more of a sit-down restaurant experience but their exciting menu very much sits in the street-food genre. The food here revolves around chillis and spice and heaps of it – something rather rare in the capital. Inspired by a slew of cuisines with local (ish) ingredients, Bang Bang has small sharing plates such as cheesy chilli croquettes with a Mango hot sauce, papaya salad and crispy tofu with a spicy dressing. There’s also a small natural wine menu as well.

What to know before you visit.

  • You can reserve online
  • Check out the local bars in surrounding streets beforehand

Address: 9 Rue du Liban, 75020

Paris street food markets

Unlike a lot of European capitals, Paris doesn’t have a lot of food markets. As explained in our tapas Paris guide, the French like to take lots of time for meals and every aspect of dining out should be taken very seriously. The result? There isn’t a big culture of street food markets but that has changed in recent years. Here’s two options to check out in the city of light.

Le Marché des Enfants Rouges

Le Marché des Enfants Rouges is an historical covered market in the 3rd arrondissement (Le Marais) which was originally constructed in 1615. There’s an assortment of grocery food stands (fish mongers, butchers, cheese shops etc.) but also a whole array of different food stands offering international cuisines. It’s certainly worth a visit if you’re wanting a quick bite but are not fixated on a certain idea – go in, explore and let your senses decide. Here’s a few recommendations:

Le Burger Fermier: French style burgers with fresh, local ingredients.

Chez Alain Miam Miam: Big, tasty, fresh French sandwiches made to order.

Le Traiteur Marocain: Traditional Moroccan food on offer.

Corossol: Creole food – an amazing blend of African and West Indies cuisine.

What to know before you visit.

  • Some stands may be get very full during peak times at weekends – prepare to queue
  • There are free toilets on the sides of the market

Address: 139 rue de Bretagne, 75003

Le Food Market

The aptly named Le Food Market is a monthly outside food market in the north of the city, in the Belleville area. Restaurants from around the city (from kebab to Michelin starred restaurants) are invited to take part and each dish isn’t more than €10. The market takes place on Boulevard de la Villette between the metro stations Ménilmontant and Couronnes. There’s covered seating areas with plenty of tables in-case the weather turns.

What to know before you visit.

  • The market takes place once a month – check their website for the next date

Address: Between Ménilmontant and Couronnes metro stations

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