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Guide to the Rue des Martyrs in Paris

The historical Rue des Martyrs in Paris’ 8th arrondissement is a charming and exceptionally Parisian street in the capital. Full of small artisan shops, restaurants and cafés, the vibrant street is a must visit during your trip to the city of light.

On the footsteps of the hill of Montmartre, rue des Martyrs leads down from the Pigalle area down towards the Grands Boulevards in the city centre.

merry go round rue des martyrs
The Merry-Go-Round at the top end of the street.

A Charming Street Full of Local Parisian Stores

The street’s origins date back to 1670s where the street was first noted by Albert Jouvin de Rochefort who was a famous French cartographer. The road led to the old Abbey of Montmartre which was destroyed during the French Revolution. The name comes from the fact that the Abbey was supposedly where Saint-Denis was decapitated and became a martyr.

In more recent times, the area has experienced a large wave of gentrification owing to the pretty side streets and nearby large boulevards. Go back 15 years ago and the area was massively different given that the nearby Pigalle area was one of the city’s major red light districts.

Nowadays it’s an extremely sought after area with properties reaching €15,000 per m2. The area is full of well-off young families which creates a very family ambiance. It’s also a street with a lot of great independent artisan shops which are well worth checking out.

Stores and Markets on the Rue des Martyrs

With over 200 stores lining the street, there’s some awesome wine, cheese, bakeries and clothing shops to discover.

If you’re looking to discover some really good wine then I’d recommend going into Nysa. They’re a Parisian wine shop chain that are genuinely really good and never disappoint!

I’d also recommend stopping by Maison Thielen to pick some home made charcuterie. They also serve a wide range of meals to take away or for picnics.

rue des martyrs maison thicken
Maison Thielen on rue des Martyrs

After some incredible fresh ingredients? Check out L’Escale Marine for a wide variety of fish. If you’re after meat, try La Poularde Saint-Honoré which sell fresh beef, pork, poultry and charcuterie.


If you want to eat in the area then you’ll be spoilt for choice! In the mood for Neapolitan pizza? Try Peppe at the very top of the street. They’re featured in our Best Pizza in Paris guide.

Peppe rue des martyrs

A 5 minutes walk away, next to the Pigalle metro station you’ll find Bouillon Pigalle which offers really good classical French food on a budget. The restaurant is a modern version of the famous Bouillon restaurants of Paris. Expect the classics: steak frites, French onion soup and beef Bourguignon.

Just off the rue des Martyrs on the rue de Navarin you’ll find Restaurant Amour. Part of the Hotel Amour (there’s a great on in Nice too), they serve solid breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

Bars & Cafés

The street has a lot of cafés and bars dotted along the street and is a perfect spot to stop to enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine and watch the world go by.

If you like great coffee then I’d advise checking out KB Coffee Roasters at the top of the street. They have a huge terrace with views across the square and the traditional merry-go-round. On the side of the rue Condorcet, the terrace has views onto the Sacre-Cœur cathedral on the top of Montmartre.

KB coffee roasters rue des martyrs

A few steps down, you’ll find Café Ventura which is one of my go-to spots for a drink if I’m in the area. They have a solid happy hour and their terrace is perfect for people watching!

Where to Stay Nearby

Hotel Sacha

Hotel Sacha is a fantastic designer boutique 4* hotel just off the rue des Matyrs on the rue de Navarin. Ultra modern and ultra design, it’s perfect for those looking for more high-end accommodation.

HOY Paris

HOY Paris is described as a yoga hotel – a boutique hotel with a focus on well being. With only 22 rooms, it’s on the smaller side but they’re very well designed with minimal yet charming Parisian decor.

Grand Pigalle Hotel

On the corner at the upper end of the rue de Martyrs you’ll find the 4* Grand Pigalle Hotel. Another fantastic boutique hotel, you’ll find small, designer rooms with plenty of modern features.


Where is the Rue des Martyrs in Paris?

Rue des Martyrs is located in Paris’ 9th arrondissement. The upper end of the street is about a 5 minutes walk from the Pigalle metro station and about a 10 minutes walk from the Moulin Rouge. On the map, you’ll find it’s just below Montmartre.

It’s lower end is next to the Notre-Dame-de-Lorette metro station.

How do You Get There?

You can get to the Rue des Martyrs by walking or by metro. If you’re taking the metro:

  • Pigalle (Line 2 & 12), north end
  • Notre-Dame-de-Lorette (Line 12), south end

If you’re walking, you can reach the top end of the street from Montmartre or the Sacre-Cœur in about 10 minutes.

What does Rue Des Martyrs Mean?

Rue des Martyrs means “Road of the Martyrs” in English. It’s believed to be have named that as historically the road led from the city centre to the old Abbey of Montmartre. The Abbey is where Saint-Denis was decapitated in a act of martyrdom.

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