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Guide to the Best Beach Clubs in St Tropez in 2024

Saint Tropez is one of the most famous towns of the French Riveria – home to the jet-set and with that, plenty of beach clubs. Discover our guide to the best beach clubs in Saint Tropez.

Pampelonne or Saint Tropez?

If it’s your first time visiting Saint Tropez you might be surprised to learn that Saint Tropez’s main beach isn’t actually in the town itself. There are a few very small beaches around the headland from the mythical town – Plage des Canoubiers and Plage de la Moutte – but the main beach is Plage de Pampelonne. The beach is around 2.8 miles long and takes around 10 minute to reach by car from the town centre depending on which car park or beach club you go to.

Best for Partying

Looking for a more festive beach club experience? There’s plenty of beach clubs in Saint Tropez offering a higher energy experience but there are a few that certainly stand out. Note I wouldn’t recommend Nikki Beach as it’s actually not on the beach – rather inset behind the beach area and only has small pools.


Verde beach is for me perhaps one of the best party beach clubs in Saint-Tropez. There’s not just an awesome atmosphere in a particularly uber cool and premium setting (which can’t be said for the majority of beach clubs in St Tropez), they also serve some seriously good food.

The beach section is, as it should be, right next to the sea. It’s on the smaller side which gives it a lovely intimate feel and there’s the benefit of being able to always see the sea and not a wall of people! The sun loungers and parasols are high-end and fit the decor of the beach club perfectly. Just like in the restaurant, the beach servers are really quick, friendly and attentive – it’s how it should be.

verde Saint Tropez entrees

The restaurant area is where the fun is. There’s a DJ playing throughout the 2 services and as the afternoon goes on, the party gets going. I’d recommend going for the 2nd service if you want the party atmosphere. There’s dancing on tables, champagne services and loud music – it’s really good fun.

verde Saint Tropez mozza

It’s not just about the partying either – come to Verde and you’ll eating seriously well. In fact I’m not sure any other beach club on the beach serves up such accessible yet incredibly delicious and refined food. Their menu is awesome and it perfectly matches the setting. Seabass carpaccio with bottarga is one of the best raw fish dishes that I’ve eaten and mega fresh, raw red gambero prawns from Italy are dressed with Ossetra caviar – this is killer. For the mains there’s an incredible A5 Wagyu ribeye which is lightly grilled and then served onto top of lightly smoking charcoals – wow.

verde entrecote wagyu

In the mood for fish? Their selection is superb. Wild turbot and slow cooked seabass (and these are some seriously thick fillets) are cooked to perfection. Their slow cooked seabass comes with a beautiful perfumed Thai style curry sauce and plenty of fresh herbs. Desserts are equally as good and their Chocolate mousse will blow your mind. It’s served warm and layered on-top of a vanilla ice cream and is surprisingly light.

What to know before you visit

  • You have to call to reserve
  • Reserve 2-3 weeks in advance during peak season (July-August)
  • The music gets loud at around 3pm
  • They have techno/EDM DJs playing each week during peak season

Address: Chem. de l’EPI, 83350 Ramatuelle
Tel: 04 94 79 72 23

Moorea Plage

Moorea is a Saint Tropez institution, first opening on the Plage de Pampelonne in 1952. The actual beach club is big with a separate area for the bar, restaurant and the beach area. There’s even different shops, a hairdresser and an in-house masseuse.

The beach area is comfortable and have either transats (single loungers) or beds available. The beach service is fantastic – the staff are quick and extremely attentive. The restaurant area is huge and even during peak season you most likely won’t need to wait too long if you haven’t booked. The food is solid with the beach club favourites (whole fish & steak to share), a large array of sushi and provençal specialties. Their artichoke vinaigrette and mussels gratinées are really well done.

After it hits 4pm the music starts and the large bar area begins to fill up. There’s always a DJ playing throughout the high season and it gets full. There’s large seating areas between the bar area and the beach and bar tables within the actual bar area. Drinks are relatively reasonable although not cheap even compared to Paris standards.


Sunlounger: €40 per day
Sunlounger (2nd line): €60
Bed (for 2): €160 per day
Parasol: €4

What to know before you visit

  • Reservations by phone only and note that there are separate numbers for the restaurant and beach
  • You may need to reserve 7-10 days in advance peak season, up to 2 weeks before in August
  • Music starts at 4pm and can be heard in the beach area
  • Not child friendly

Address: Chem. des Moulins, 83350 Ramatuelle
Tel: 04 94 97 18 17


One of the more famous beach clubs and known for rowdy parties during their lunch services, Bagatelle really is a playground for the rich (and really rich). Situated slightly off the beach (although the beach is still accessible) the main focus of Bagatelle is the restaurant and chill area.

The beach area has comfortable sun loungers and the service is just as quick and attentive as the best on the beach. Most people going to Bagatelle wont be joining you at the beach however. The real fun comes at lunch and the two services. If you’re wanting to have fun – book for the second service. There’s a DJ playing music throughout lunch and pretty much daily (encouraged by the staff), most people will start dancing on the tables. There’s multiple champagne options and you’ll no doubt see some tables order upwards of 20 bottles of Dom Perignon which comes with a personalised table delivery & music. The food is solid and has certainly evolved with the years but note that the prices are slightly higher than other beach clubs in St Tropez. The wine menu is huge and includes some eye-wateringly expensive bottles!


1 Sunlounger: €60 per day

What to know before you visit

  • You can reserve online but you need to arrive on-time
  • August is extremely busy and can ‘sold out’ until September by mid July
  • Car parking is free
  • Prepare to spend a lot!
  • Not child friendly

Address: Les Tamaris, Chem. de Matarane, 83350 Ramatuelle
Tel: 04 94 79 83 25

Best for Food

If you’re wanting to prioritise great food on the beach then there’s quite a few options. Here’s my favourite Saint Tropez Beach Clubs for food.

La Serena

La Serena is situated in the middle of Pampelonne and is easy to reach with a large private car park right next door. Probably my favourite beach club in Saint Tropez, La Serena serves up great food in a relaxing yet festive ambiance. The beach club itself is relatively small in comparison to others and its white and turquoise decor create a relaxing ambiance.

The food at La Serena is spot-on, the starters are light and refreshing – there’s multiple creative cold, raw fish dishes like the seas bass ceviche to choose from. The main courses are separated into fish, meat and sharing dishes. I usually go for the beef fillet which has been cooked perfectly the countless times I’ve been. The cocktail and wine menu is equally as good and the service is attentive. One of the major advantages of eating at La Serena is the dining area. Raised up above the beach you get a fantastic view of the sea and allows you to feel the cooling sea breeze. There’s also a dining/lounge area below, if you prefer to eat with your feet in the sand!


1 Sunlounger: €40 per day
Parasol: €8 per day

What to know before you visit

  • Reservations by phone only
  • You will need to book 1 week in advance in July & August
  • Children & pet friendly

Address: Boulevard Patch, 83350 Ramatuelle
Tel: 04 94 43 31 85

Club 55

First opened in 1955, Club 55 is one of Pampelonne’s longest standing beach clubs. More family oriented than most on the beach, it’s a great option for eating well cooked, honest local dishes.

The beach area is relatively small and in someways, more traditional. Be warned that they don’t always have raised sun-loungers available and do have ‘mattress-only’ style beds directly on the sand.

The menu may look deceiving simple – roasted whole fish, grilled tranches of lamb leg but it’s all really well done. Each main dish is served with a side of your choice – rice, potatoes, steamed vegetables.


1 Sunlounger: €35 per day

What to know before you visit

  • Reservations by phone only
  • You will need to book 1 week in advance in July & August

Address: 43 Bd Patch, 83350 Ramatuelle
Tel: 04 94 55 55 55

Best for Relaxing

Looking to relax on a sunlounger and enjoy the sea rather than a party atmosphere? Here’s our top spots for a relaxing beach club experience.

Tiki Beach

A family friendly, super comfortable beach club with really food is a very good choice if you’re wanting a relaxing day on the beach. The beach-shack, pink pastel hue really helps the relaxing ambiance.

The beach area is relatively small and denser than some other beach clubs but the sun loungers are really comfortable and perfect for a post-lunch nap. There’s no loud music being blasted across the beach area which makes it perfect for those wanting to unwind and read a book in peace and quiet.

The food is excellent with a Michelin level kitchen producing well cooked, fresh local produce. The sharing Côte de boeuf (just like you’d get in the best French bistros) is excellent and comes with a generous amount of sides – beef jus, béarnaise sauce, fries and vegetables of your choice.

Tiki beach sharing steak


1 Sunlounger: €45 per day

What to know before you visit

  • Reservations by phone only
  • You will need to book 1 week in advance in July & August

Address: Route des plages, Chem. des Tamaris, 83350 Ramatuelle
Tel: 04 94 79 75 76


On the north side of the beach lies L’Orangerie, a large family friendly beach club with an equally comfortable restaurant area. On the larger side, the L’Orangerie has boutiques within the beach club and a very spacious dining area.

The beach area is well spaced apart with attentive service and extremely comfortable sun loungers and larger beds. The single sun loungers are also on the cheaper side – only €19 for the day including a parasol. On the food side, there’s the usual beach club offerings including large, wild grilled seabass to share that’s served table side.

L'Orangerie Saint Tropez sharing fish


1 Sunlounger: €19 per day

What to know before you visit

  • Reservations by phone only
  • You will need to book 1 week in advance in July & August

Address: Quartier De Pampelonne, 962 Chem. des Tamaris, 83350 Ramatuelle
Tel: 04 94 79 84 74

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