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Guide to the Best Restaurants in Montmartre

If you’re visiting the beautiful, village like area of Montmartre in Paris and want to find the best restaurants then look no further! Our insider guide will help you avoid the tourist traps and find genuinely good restaurants to eat at.

Montmartre is a beautiful area of Paris and absolutely one of my top recommendations on what to see here. The area has so much to see and there are also some cracking bars and restaurants serving up awesome food. From the Sacre-Cœur to the Place du Tertre (the old village square), Montmartre still retains its original charm from yesteryear. Yes it can be touristy but with our inside guides on visiting Montmartre, you’ll be sure to eat at only the best, tried and tested spots which you can trust.

This guide mainly contains restaurants serving up classic and contemporary French cuisine. If you’re looking for other cuisines, check out our Where to Eat in Paris guide for other ideas.

Complete Guide to Montmartre: Check out our guide to Montmartre here – we’ve got an in-depth guide on what to do, where to stay and what not to miss!

Where to Eat in Montmartre (and where not to!)

If you’re wondering where to eat in Montmartre then I recommend keep on reading. As a preface, however, it’s worth noting that there isn’t any one particular street in Montmartre with good restaurants. There are a lot of good restaurants in the area out so check out our recommendations below and plan a reservation in advance.

You may be thinking ‘what about the famous square behind the Sacre-Cœur?’ – with the artists drawing portraits? The square (the Place du Tertre) is incredibly touristy and you definitely won’t be impressed by the expensive, average food. That said, I actually think it’s a great spot for a drink and a nibble (or apéro as we say in French) whilst watching the crowds go by. There’s a really fun atmosphere and it’s especially nice during the warmer, summer months.

place du tertre restaurants Montmartre
The touristy Place du Tertre in Montmartre

Our Favourite Restaurants in Montmartre

So if you’re reading this article you’re probably wanting to plan a great lunch or dinner in a really good restaurant. Yes you can eat around the Sacre-Cœur but you’ll probably be disappointed. The following restaurants are our favourite spots and I honestly don’t think you’ll be disappointed – they all served up great food and there’s options here to match all budgets. Restaurants are in no particular order.


Chantoiseau, meaning bird song in English, is a really good modern French bistro about a 7 minute walk from the Place du Tertre. Headed up by Nicolas Durand (ex. Le Servan), his work in the amazingly modern, high tech kitchen is impressive. The dining space is the definition of ‘Neo-bistro’ and is cosy and unpretentious. Reserve a table here and you’ll be happy – the technique on show from the kitchen is very good. It is on the pricier side but you’ll certainly get what you pay for.

Chantoiseau montmartre restaurant

One of my favourite dishes at Chantoiseau is their incredible tortes – a savoury French pie. Think mini wellington but with seasonal game or duck. Game meat/duck fillets, foie gras and mushrooms and surrounded in a pastry crust and baked. Finished off with a killer meat jus, it’s pure dining pleasure. Their menus are on the smaller side but there is usually another grilled fish and meat option (on their indoor BBQ).

What to know before you visit

  • Closed on Sundays and Mondays
  • Open for lunch (closes early at 1:30pm) and dinner
  • They have a great €29 lunch menu midweek (entree, main and dessert)
  • You can reserve online

Address: 63 Rue Lepic, 75018
Tel: 01 42 51 39 95

Le Progrès

Nestled in a corner of a busy crossroad just below the Sacre-Cœur is Le Progrès. It’s facade is traditional as it gets and you may think this English friendly restaurant is a tourist trap but it’s really not.

The small, art nouveau bistro feels as old as the village of Montmartre and has a lovely, cosy dining space.

le progrès restaurant Montmartre

The menu is traditionally French featuring classics such as escargots (snails) roasted with garlic butter, French onion soup and roasted bone marrow on toast and pickled red onions (which is incredible).

le progrès Montmartre steak tartare

For mains there’s a solid choice of French classics which are well done. Braised lamb shank, fillet steak, croquet monsieur and steak tartare and really well done and reasonably priced for the area. The desserts are served generously and equally as good as the savoury food.

Le Progrès is a really good option that’s reasonably priced and has the flexibility of serving food all day. My only advice would be to avoid the cheaper wine and go for their more expensive bottles!

What to know before you visit

  • Food served all day (Midday-10:30pm)

Address: 7 Rue des Trois Frères, 75018
Tel: 01 42 64 07 37

    Le Bistrot du Maquis

    Le Bistrot du Maquis is another cracking little French bistro located in the more residential area behind the Sacre-Cœur. Only a 11 minute walk from the Basilica, it’s a great spot to have dinner after watching the beautiful sunset from the top of the hill. At the helm of the bistro is veteran French chef, André Le Letty who has a very impressive CV having worked in La Tour d’Argent and Le Taillevent in Paris. The modest bistro is unassuming and very unpretentious. It’s a prime spot to get away from the tourist masses and enjoy really good French food.

    The food is all about classic, simple yet elegant French food. There’s the classics such as rabbit terrine and salmon Gravlax for starters which are all home made and well executed. For the mains there’s a great choice of fresh fish and meat – expect monkfish, veal and pork chops all served with great sauces. I definitely recommend reserving your table in advance and asking for the ‘Canard au Sang’ which is a whole duck in two services. The legs are confited and then grilled – classic yet delicious. For the second service, the breasts come medium-rare and served with a blood sauce where the carcass is pressed resulting in an incredible, pure tasting sauce.

    What to know before you visit

    • Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
    • Open for lunch and dinner
    • You can reserve online

    Address: 69 Rue Caulaincourt, 75018
    Tel: 01 46 06 06 64

    Bouillon Pigalle

    Down the hill from the Sacre-Cœur, right next to the Pigalle metro station is a great budget option. The Bouillon Pigalle is in our Best Bistros Paris & Cheap Eats guide for good reason. They serve up classic French dishes at a fraction of the cost of other restaurants. Yes you may have to queue and you’ll be eating in very close proximity to other diners but 4 courses and wine for under €30 is good in Paris. It is, in someways, a bit of a factory but that’s the whole idea of bouillon restaurants in Paris. You’ll eat quickly, cheaply but well.

    bouillon Pigalle montmartre

    Expect all the French classics on offer: steak frites, French onion soup, terrine, escargots (snails) and roast chicken. There’s even a good choice for vegetarians too! The desserts are great as well – ilê flottante and lemon tart to name a few. Getting there early to beat the queue is recommended however you’ll be most likely queuing regardless of the time of the day.

    bouillon Pigalle snails

    What to know before you visit

    • You can reserve online but make sure to reserve 1 or 2 weeks in advance
    • Prepare to queue if you haven’t got a reservation – expect at least 1 hour during peak times
    • Vegetarian friendly

    Address: 22 Bd de Clichy, 75018
    Tel: 01 42 59 69 31

    Le Réciproque

    Unfortunately Le Récriproque is now closed

    Le Réciproque is an awesome high-end French bistro nestled in the back streets behind the Sacre-Cœur. Deservedly featured in the Michelin guide, the food coming out of the kitchen is incredible and it won’t break the bank. The service is friendly yet smart and more close to a higher end restaurant than a local neighbourhood bistro. Inside the restaurant, the dining space is modern yet comfortable and has a view on the very smart kitchen in the back.

    The food is all about modern French cuisine with precision cooking and some really good sauces. Their menu changes with the seasons (not weekly, like some restaurants) and usually has around 3 meat or fish options for the main courses. During our last visit we had a fantastic summery orzotto dish with prawns and perfectly cooked fillets of Rascasse (a rockfish from Marseille). There was also a great beef dish with a delicious jus and cauliflower cooked different ways. Finally their wine selection is superb – they have some natural wines (try their Sérol red wine) but a lot of incredible classic wines too.

    restaurants Montmartre le réciproque
    restaurants Montmartre le réciproque fish

    What to know before you visit

    • You need to reserve in advance – they don’t seem to accept walk-ins
    • You can reserve online
    • Closed Sundays and Mondays

    Address: 14 Rue Ferdinand Flocon, 7501

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