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12 Amazing Things to See & Do in Montmartre in Paris

Visiting the beautiful area of Montmartre in Paris and wondering what to do? Don’t fret, our insider guide has the low-down on the must-do attractions whilst in the charming area of Montmartre.

There are plenty of things to see and do in the beautiful historical village. From the emblematic Sacre-Cœur to the artists painting portraits in the back streets, Montmartre is very much a unique area of the city. The district, famous for being Amélie Poulain’s local area, is awash with distinctly Parisian features – beautiful views, local cafés and a lot of art galleries. For many people it’s quintessentially Paris and I can’t disagree. So it’s stunning and there’s plenty of streets to walk around in but what else is there to see and do? Well read on and discover our favourite things to see in Montmartre.

The Best Things to Do in Montmartre

Taking friends and family around Montmartre have helped us refine this list of the must-do things to see in Montmartre. Note that these ideas are listed in no particular order. Also be aware that the walk up from Anvers (the metro station at the bottom of Montmartre) to the top is relatively steep. Check out our Guide to Montmartre article on how to get around Montmartre.

best things to do in Montmartre

Take in the Sacre-Cœur

One of the most famous monuments in Paris, the Sacre-Cœur Basilica, is at the very top of Montmartre. The area in front of the Basilica give stunning views across the city make it very much the must-see part of the area.

The Basilica is relatively new with construction beginning in 1875 and final completion in 1914. The construction took an incredible 40 years to complete going through 5 different architects. The Basilica is 83m tall and is made of travertine giving the exterior an incredibly clean appearance.

Entry to the Basilica is free and it’s open from 8:30am to 6:30pm. The dome (the higher viewing platform) costs €6 to go up but note that there’s no lift – you’ll have to walk up!

Discover the Wall of Love

The wall of love or le mur des je t’aime in French is a 40m2 wall on the left side of the Jehan Rictus garden next to the Abbesses metro station. The wall of love started life in 2001 when artists Fédéric Baron and Claire Kito brought their creation to Montmartre.

wall of love montmartre

On the wall, you’ll find the words ‘I love you’ 300 times in 250 different languages. Each phrase is inscribed onto an individual enamel plate and placed onto the wall giving it a very 3D effect. It’s free to visit – you just have to walk into the park.

Have a Drink on the Place du Tertre

The Place du Tertre is the main square of the old village of Montmartre. Only a few streets away from the Sacre-Cœur, the square is extremely popular with tourists with and can get very busy during the summer. Historically connected with artists (Picasso and Utrillo both lived nearby), the square today is still filled with artists sketching portraits and caricatures.

place du tertre Montmartre

The ancient square was originally part of the Benedictine Montmartre Abbey dating back to the early 1100s. In 1635 the square was opened to the public and became the village’s central square. Nowadays the quaint old square has become Montmartre’s busiest attraction and is filled with bars and restaurants.

Tip: Despite it being extremely touristy I think it’s a great place to have a coffee or a glass of wine and watch the world go by. However I wouldn’t advise eating here as the food isn’t great and is very pricey. See below for our recommendations on where to eat in Montmartre.

Explore the Vineyards of Montmartre

Amazingly Montmartre has a vineyard! Yes that’s right, wine is actually produced in Montmartre. Officially called the Vignes du Clos Montmartre, the vineyard has been in operation since 1935. Being the only operational vineyard left in Paris, it’s extremely unique. The vineyard produces around 750 bottles per year but due to its location, it isn’t the best wine in France!

vineyard Montmartre

Visits are extremely limited and it’s only during the Fete des Vendages de Montmartre (the grape harvest festival) when organised visits are organised. Outside of this time, the vineyard is closed but you can still walk around the edges.

Check out our guide on Paris Wine Festivals to read more about the Fete des Vendages de Montmartre. It’s definitely worth going to if you’re visiting in October.

Visit the Musée de Montmartre

If you’re a history and art lover then a visit to the Musée de Montmartre is a must. Housed in one of the oldest buildings on the Butte de Montmartre the museum opened in 1960. The building has been around since the early 1700s has seen many incredible artists paint and live there including Utrillo and Renoir. The garden is even where Renoir painted “La Balançoire”.

Musee de montmartre

The museum is open every day from 10am to 6pm and you can expect to pay €15 for an adult entrance. You can find the museum right next to the Montmartre Vineyard. You can buy your tickets below:

Browse Many of Montmartre’s Shops

Le Marais is know for one of the better shopping areas in Paris but Montmartre is actually just as good. There’s plenty of independant artisanal food shops, designer boutiques and lots of French fashion brand boutiques that you’ll struggle to find outside of France. Rue des Abbesses, at the bottom of Montmartre is a great place to start. Walking westwards to the Cemetery of Montmartre and then winding up to the top via Rue Lepic is a great route to discover the shops of Montmartre!

Take a View from one of the Montmartre’s Many Staircases

Perhaps one of the things that you’ll see without trying (once you’ve got to the top of Montmartre!) is take in the views from the top of the many staircases. There’s countless staircases connecting the winding streets below the Butte. Going up is difficult (but rewarding!) but if you feel that it’s not for you, you can take one of the small electric buses (Montmartrobus) to go up to the top.

Discover the Marché de Saint-Pierre

Le Marché de Saint-Pierre is a dream for anyone interested in fabrics. The 3500m2 market stocks fabrics for professions and individuals and can cut to order. The market retains its old school charm with workers using old measuring sticks and rickety old cash registers.

Watch a Cabaret at the Lapin Agile

Next to the Vineyard of Montmartre you’ll find a curiously pink building with a mural of a rabbit on the side. This building is the Au Lapin Agile cabaret. Started in 1860, the cabaret is still going today! The rabbit on the front of the building was painted by André Gill in 1875 and is in amazingly good condition. Shows are on on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and start at 9pm to 1am. Prices start at €35 per person but note – expect to hear mainly French music!

au lapin agile

Have Dinner at One of Montmartre’s Incredible Bistros

Montmartre has some incredible neighbourhood bistros serving up really good French food. As noted above, I would definitely avoid the Place du Tertre to eat BUT it’s a fun place to grab a drink.

For restaurant recommendations check out our guide on the best restaurants in Montmartre below:

Take Stroll Through the Saint-Vincent Cemetery

One of the smaller cemetery’s in Montmartre, the cimetière de Saint Vincent is located just next to Montmartre’s vineyard and opposite the Lapin Agile. It’s worth a visit if you’re checking out the Vineyard. You just have to walk to Rue Caulaincourt and find the staircase going down to the cemetery. Here you’ll find the tombstones ofMaurice Utrillo  (a French painter who was born in Montmartre) and writer Marcel Aymé.

Saint-Vincent Cemetery
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