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Ultimate Guide to the Best Markets in Paris

Want to discover where the best markets are in Paris? Our guide has you covered. Whether you’re just visiting Paris or further a field, French markets are incredible and they are certainly worth a visit when you’re in the country. There are a huge variety of markets in Paris and this guide highlights our favourites. The sights, smells, sounds and produce on offer are addictive – a French market is a thing of beauty.

My first experience of a French market was during a family holiday to the French alps, to a small called Le Grand Bournand. We arrived early (as French markets always start early) and explored the array of local artisans and farmers selling their produce. From the smell of home-cured charcuterie to the chaotic array of visitors queuing up to buy their favourite cheese, the experience got me hooked.

Living in Paris for the last 7 years has allowed me to visit a lot of the markets here and this guide includes the best spots to visit during your stay here.

Marché d’Aligre

Located to the East of Place de Bastille and close to the Gare de Lyon is the indoor and outdoor Marché d’Aligre. The old fashioned market is predominantly a food and flea market and has been in business since 1779. The inside market, within the very charming Halle Beauvau, contains most of the food stands although there generally are more greengrocers than butchers or cheese mongers. If you’re after great, cheap produce then this is the market for you.

If you venture outside, you’ll find the flea market in the place d’Aligre. It’s more of garage sale than that of the Marché aux Puces but you’ll be guaranteed to find some interesting vintage homeware.

Marché Bio des Batignolles

Held every Saturday in the 17th arrondissement, the Marché des Batignolles is one of my favourite farmer markets in Paris. Local, artisans gather to sell their incredible produce in a beautiful setting. Certainly one market not to miss if you’re wanting a genuine Parisian market experience.

Marché Bio des Batignolles

The market is one of the only organic (bio in French) markets in the city. Open only on Saturdays (from 7am to 3pm) it does requires a certain amount of organisation for a visit. On offer is a wide range of organic butchers (including one specialising in tripe), florists, honey producers and organic oysters.

Le Marché des Enfants Rouges

Le Marché des Enfants Rouges is one of the oldest covered markets in Paris. The name translates to “Market of the Red Children” in French due to the fact that there used to be an orphanage there in the 1700s. Located in the Marais on the popular Rue de Bretagne, it’s extremely popular with locals and tourists. It’s also one of the few markets with restaurants within the market itself which adds a lot to the atmosphere. There’s Lebanese, Moroccan, artisanal burgers and hip tapassiette restaurants to choose from.

marche des enfants rouge

On the market side there’s two greengrocers selling great, fresh fruit and vegetables. There’s also an artisanal butcher selling very good, rare bread beef, pork and poultry. Finally you’ll find a cheese shop with quality matured, artisan French cheeses. If you’re looking for fish, there’s a great fish monger. Note that the majority of their stock will sell out early on in the morning so go early if you want to get some of the best fish!

marche des enfants rouge the butcher of Paris

Finally there’s also a fleuriste (flower shop) and a vintage photography near the back of the market.

Marché Saint Germain

If you’re visiting the popular of Saint Germain des Prés in the 6th arrondissement, there’s a great indoor market near the bustling Rue de Buci. The market dates back to 1511 where the local Priest built a covered market to accommodate 300 merchants. This original market was then destroyed by a fire in 1762. The current market is a modern iteration, opened in 2017 after 3 years of renovation.

It’s a great market for buying produce (it was my local market for 3 years when I lived nearby) – especially the boucherie, cheese shop and fish monger. There’s also numerous restaurants inside the market as well as out – including L’avant Comptoir du Marché – featured in our Tapas Paris guide. Finally there’s a great coffee shop – Café du Clown which is featured in our Speciality Coffee Paris guide.

Marché Bastille

Towards the East of the city, off the Place Bastille is the Marché Bastille. One of the largest and busiest markets in Paris there’s a lot to see. The market’s open every Thursday and Sunday’s from 7am to 3pm.

There’s a huge range of stands with rare breed meat, fresh fish, cheese, charcuterie, bread, flowers and candy on sale. There’s also plenty of stands with tables so you can enjoy some of the food on offer. During the Summer months you can buy wine and fresh oysters from fish mongers which I would absolutely recommend!

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