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Guide to the Best Bars on the Seine in Paris

Looking for the best bars on the River Seine in Paris? There is a lot of choice with hundreds of outdoor drinking spots dotted across the Seine’s banks in central Paris. From the East to the West of the city, there are a multitude of bars with fantastic views, great drinks and awesome vibes. Our guide lists our favourite spots that are within the very centre of Paris.

The Top Bars along the Seine in Paris

Our list of the best bars on the River Seine in Paris is frequently updated to give you the insider guide on the top spots. This guide features bars that are mainly outside only and are generally seasonal – however a few do have inside areas incase the weather isn’t so good. All bars are listed in no particular order.

Maison Maison

Probably my favourite bar on the Seine with a first-row view of central Paris, Maison Maison is amazing. Their large outside terrace is on the quay side and has incredible views down the Seine towards the Jardins de Pont Neuf, the Musée d’Orsay and the Eiffel Tower. The terrace splits, depending on the time of day & weather, into a dining only section during lunch & dinner and a section where you can sit with a drink. If you’re hungry, there’s a great menu serving up modern French bistro food with seasonal produce – you’ll also get the benefit of table service. For drinkers, there’s always a small tabled area literally right next to the river but you’ll have to queue at the outside bar. The bar serves up a good, yet limited, selection of wine, craft beer and cocktails. There’s also an inside restaurant area for the periods outside of the summer months.

bars seine maison maison

What to know before you visit

  • You can reserve online but there may be a minimum spend per person on food and drink
  • Don’t expect to easily get a table if you just want a drink
  • Terrasse is open seasonally and weather dependant
  • There are large parasols for cover in the main dining section
  • Access is stairs only next to the bar

Address: 63 voie Georges Pompidou, 75001
Tel: 09 67 82 07 32

Péniche Marcounet

Up stream from Maison Maison and near the Hôtel de Ville, lies Péniche Marcounet. A lively outside bar during the warmer months, it’s a great spot to have a drink into the night. With live Jazz bands playing and garlicky seafood being served up at the bar, it’s one of the more festive spots in this list. Due to a very large seating area (made completely from recycled shipping pallets), there’s usually no problem getting a spot to sit. At the bar there’s a variety of beers on tap, wine and a limited selection of cocktails. Behind the bar lies an outside kitchen where you can order a variety of tapas including potato wedges, garlicky grilled calamari and tinned seafood. Like its neighbour, Les Maquereaux, the main bar is inside a boat that’s on the quai side next to the terrasse (or Péniche in French).

What to know before you visit

  • You can reserve for a minimum of 10 people online
  • Toilets are inside the boat

Address: Port des Célestins, Quai de l’Hôtel de ville, 75004
Tel: 06 60 47 38 52


Scilicet is one option for the beer lovers. With 6 different beers on tap, it’s a great spot if you want some really good craft ale. Like the preceding bars on this list, there’s a large outdoor terrasse section surrounding an outside bar. If the queue’s too big there’s an inside area with a second bar as well. There’s usually music being played outside which makes it a really good festive option and if you’re feeling hungry, there’s very cheap tapas on offer including a bowl of fries for only €3.

scilicet bar Paris seine

What to know before you visit

  • You can reserve a table online
  • Expect big queues at the bar during peak times

Address: 134 voie Georges Pompidou, 75001
Tel: 09 74 73 54 42

Les Maquereaux

Just next to Péniche Marcounet is Les Maquereaux, an awesome outside bar that has an outside terrasse next to the main bar within a Péniche. Resting under a canopy of large trees, it’s an ideal spot if you want to get a cold drink during peak midday summer heat. The main outside seating area is first-come-first-serve and you’ll need to order drinks and food at the bar. The bar offers a decent quality wine list and draught beer (including Peroni). There’s also some really good small sharing plates including freshly shucked oysters, crab rolls, home-made hummus and fries.

What to know before you visit

  • Expect to have to queue to get a table during peak times
  • Expect big queues at the bar during peak times

Address: Quai de l’Hôtel de ville, 75004
Tel: 01 73 78 36 41

Les Nautes

Further to the East, on the right bank next to Île Saint-Louis, you may find Les Nautes. A popular spot with Parisians, it’s a great spot to look down the Seine and people watch. There’s a huge (and in some spots covered) outdoor seating area with long tables & benches and recently, a new additional outside bar. It can get extremely busy during weekends and you may need to queue for 15-20 minutes for a drink but the ambiance and views certainly are worth the wait. During peak-season summer months, there is usually some food on offer (either planches of cheese and charcuterie or or pizza slices).

les nautes bar Paris seine

What to know before you visit

  • Expect big queues at the bar during peak times
  • Food offerings are variable

Address: 1 Quai des Célestins, 75004
Tel: 01 42 74 59 53

Rosa Bonheur

Near the Eiffel Tower, next to the Pont Alexandre III bridge on the left bank, is the well known Rosa Bonheur péniche. A popular spot due to its proximity to the Champs-Elysées, it’s a fun, festive river-side bar. There are two sections to the bar (each with music playing), the terrasse on the Quai-side and the Péniche itself. Each offer a good selection of beer, wine and cocktails. There’s food served in each section as well with tapas – patatas bravas, chicken nuggets and hot dogs outside and pizza inside the boat.

What to know before you visit

  • Expect big queues at the bar during peak times
  • LGBT friendly

Address: Port des Invalides, Quai d’Orsay, 75007

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