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5 of the Best Bars in Montmartre

The Montmartre area of Paris is home to some of the best bars in the city and our guide has the low-down on the very best spots. Written by someone who actually lives in Paris, we’ve got the insider guide for the best drinking spots in the famous district of Montmartre.

Where Are the Best Places for a Drink in Montmartre?

The old village of Montmartre is located on a hill which rises high above the city. It’s viewable from pretty much everywhere in the city centre and you’ll notice a big white church – the Sacre-Cœur – on top.

This area is mix between residential and touristic with plenty of great restaurants (check out our guide to the best restaurants in Montmartre) and bars. The at the very top of the hill is the famous and ancient Place du Tertre. This is a particularly touristic spot which doesn’t have the best bars.

For the best bars and nightlife in the area, you’ll need to head down to the bottom of Montmartre to Pigalle. It’s here where you’ll find the best drinking spots in the area! Read on to discover our favourite cocktail bars, terraces and wine bars.

Our Favourite Bars in Montmartre & Pigalle

The following bars are not exhaustive but they are the spots where you’ll find a combination of the best drinks, atmosphere and bar snacks. Bars are in no particular order.

Bar à Bulles

The Bar à Bulles is a surprisingly unknown spot that has one very unique feature. Hidden behind the famous Moulin Rouge, Bar à Bulles has an incredible terrace which is literally next to the windmill itself! Free to enter, it’s definitely one of those spots that you’ll be surprised that you found. The official bar of the Machine du Moulin Rouge, a nightclub next to the famous cabaret bar (which is also worth a visit).

They have 2 terraces and an inside section, the first is bigger but doesn’t have the spectacular views of that of the smaller one. The prices are on the pricier side given the location – expect around €9 for a pint of lager and €6.5 for a small glass of wine. They also do a reasonable brunch at €27 for 3 courses + drink.

What to know before you visit

  • You’ll find the entrance to the bar down a side alley to the left of the Moulin Rouge. You’ll see a ‘Cité Véron’ sign over the entrance. The entrance to the bar is about 15m down this side alley.
  • You can’t reserve tables for a drink (but you can reserve for brunch)
  • The upper terrace fills up quickly and once it’s full you’ll need to queue to access it (even if you’ve already bought a drink)
  • I’d advise arriving early if you want a seat next to the Moulin Rouge!
  • They’re closed on Mondays

Address: 4 Cité Véron, 75018

Dirty Dick

The Dirty Dick is a legendary cocktail bar in Pigalle that is definitely requires a visit. It’s a tropical/Polynesian themed bar which to some might appear a bit kitsch but that’s all part of the fun. The staff are incredibly friendly and the drinks aren’t just your average cocktails. They’re all in-house creations and the names include plenty of humorous puns. Are they good? Yes, they’re seriously good and ever single one has so much effort put into then. From dehydrated fruit, home made syrups, fresh juice and high quality liquor – they’re all fantastic. Their Zombie cocktail includes a mix of spirits (I’ve forgotten exactly which ones) and comes with a burning lime for some theatre. Finally we had their dill based rum cocktail was delicious. It has to be one of the best bars in Montmartre!

What to know before you visit

  • Open every day of the week until late
  • They have a speak-easy bar below the restaurant for a drink afterwards

Address: 10 Rue Frochot, 75009
Tel: 01 48 78 74 58

Le Lipstick

Le Lipstick is another Pigalle institution just across from the Dirty Dick. A former strip club, the bar has kept traces of its salacious past by virtue of its kitsch/dive-bar decor. It’s dark, moody with very low lighting. Rich velvet red banquets remind you of its former function as does the hilarious male bathroom. The drinks are rather reasonable despite Le Lipstick’s popularity. Their house cocktails are all 10€ and are distinctly classy – they’re simple but made with really quality ingredients and spirits. If you want a beer or a glass of wine they’ve got a good selection and even have beer on tap. A pint will set you back €6.5 and a glass of wine €5.5. It gets popular so come early if you want a seat.

What to know before you visit

  • Open every day of the week until late
  • You can reserve online

Address: 5 Rue Frochot, 75009

Le Mansart

About a 5 minute walk from both the Dirty Dick and Le Lipstick and you’ll find another one of my favourite bars in Pigalle, Le Mansart. It’s more of a hip version of a traditional French terrace/café but with killer tapas and some great drinks. It’s distinctly French in terms of service (make of that what you will) but it’s a real where locals go kind of place.

Come here and you’ll spend hours on their outside terrace drinking good wine and eating great food. They’ve got cheaper wine by the glass for €4 and pints of lager for €6. The evening tapas menu is great and varies but you’ll be sure to see steak tartare, generous portion of French fries and Japanese fried chicken (karaage).

What to know before you visit

  • Open everyday from 9am-2am
  • Tapas is served in the evening from 6-10pm

Address: 1 Rue Mansart, 75009
Tel: 01 56 92 05 99

Les Piqueurs

Up towards the village of Montmartre, towards the Abbesses metro stop, you’ll find a small wine shop with a hidden bar in the back. I’d actually found this bar during a Montmartre food tour and their wine and charcuterie selection was superb. It’s not a lively kind of place – I’d recommend it for a couple looking for a quiet, romantic spot for a drink. Their wine is very classically French (no natural wine here!) and they have some incredible small producer charcuterie and cheese from the South of France.

What to know before you visit

  • Open everyday
  • You can reserve a table online
  • They offer wine tasting classes in English

Address: 6 Rue Tardieu, 75018
Tel: 09 74 64 01 79

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