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Where to find the Best Fish & Chips in Paris

Fish & Chips in Paris? It may not be the first dish that you think of when you come to Paris but there are a surprising amount of restaurants dedicated to one of Britain’s national dishes. Our guide has the best spots for you to get your crunchy, beer battered fish fix.

A dish first appeared in the UK around the 1860s and has become extremely popular in the country and worldwide ever since. Although it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly who invented the dish, many historians believe it was a young chef, Joseph Malin, who first came up with what we know now as fish & chips.

It’s a relatively simple dish but there’s a big difference between a good and an excellent fish & chips. Crispy batter, moist, flaky fish and big fluffy chips is the key. Traditionally it’s served with mushy peas – braised peas (marrowfat peas) that are then mashed and seasoned. Finally there’s the obligatory tartare sauce which is a a mix of mayonnaise and finely chopped gherkins (pickles), capers and herbs.

Surprisingly popular with Brits who live in Paris and Parisians who have So where can you find the best fish & chips in Paris? Read on and discover our favourite spots.

Best Fish & Chip Restaurants in Paris

Our best fish & chip restaurant list is hand picked with only the finest, tried and tested spots in the city. Restaurants are listed in no particular order.

Johana’s Fish & Chips

Johna’s fish & ship shop is great spot to get a bit of genuine British fried fish and chips. Located in the very centre of Paris, near the Sentier metro station it’s very accessible if you’re in the centre ville. Their menu is simple and to the point. The main event, fish & chips of course, is simple; white fish (cod or haddock usually, depending on what comes in) fried in beer batter and chips served with home made tartare sauce and pea purée. In my experience, it’s spot on. The batter is crispy and the fish is perfectly cooked. It’s also as it should be – quality over quantity – although I’d still they’re still quite generous.

The rest of the menu keeps in with the chippy theme – chicken or fish nuggets, chicken burger and fish burgers are on offer. Brits will also be happy to see the traditional condiments of malt vinegar and ketchup on the table! Finally, the restaurant is small and not somewhere that you’ll spend an entire evening.

What to know before visiting

  • Open Monday – Saturday
  • You can order online

Address: 30 Rue Saint-Sauveur, 75002
Tel: 01 42 21 88 78

Malins Fish and Chips

Malin’s Fish & Chips offer another very solid option for a traditional take on British fish & chips. Located in the very prestigious (some may ironically!) 8th arrondissement, near the Place de la Madeleine.

Offering a very diverse menu with 3 types of traditional white fish (pollock, cod and haddock) in their fish and ship section. They all, of course, come with the obligatory tartare sauce and mush peas. There’s also battered and fried shrimps, fried calamari and battered halloumi for vegetarians. It’s all done very well and it’s one restaurant I go back to time and time again.

What to know before visiting

  • Open Monday – Friday
  • You can reserve online

Address: 11 Rue Tronchet, 75008
Tel: 01 40 06 94 72

Père & Fish

Père & Fish is a French fish restaurant chain started by two entrepreneurs who had a passion for sustainable fish and seafood. They currently have one restaurant in Paris located in the 9th arrondissement. It’s a great quick service restaurant concept focused on fish cooked in different ways for all tastes.

On the menu is fish burgers – including mi-cuit salmon, fried gambas and breaded pollock. There is also, of course, their version of a fish and chips. It’s very different from the traditional style but very interesting and worth a try. Pollock is fried in a ginger infused beer batter and then served with French fries and dressed with spring onions. There is, however, the traditional pea purée and tartare sauce to accompany the dish.

What to know before visiting

  • Open everyday 12pm-10:30pm

Address: 67 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75009
Tel: 07 57 91 75 87


Mersea is another French fish concept that focuses on ultra fresh ingredients served up in a street food style. Started by Michelin starred chef Olivier Bellin, the food is designed to be original with expertly sourced ingredients.

The food is variations on fish in terms of cooking, cuisine and ingredients. There’s spicy fish croquettes to start, breaded fish burgers and tuna tartares for mains. Their fish and chips is completely classic – white fish (depending on what’s landed in from the boats) is covered in a beer batter and fried until crispy. The one difference is the sauces – there’s a selection of modern sauces (BBQ, ginger ketchup and tartare) and mushy lentils in places of mushy peas.

What to know before visiting

  • You can reserve online

Address: 53-57 Rue de Grenelle, 75007
Tel: 01 43 21 55 29

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