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4 Awesome African Restaurants in Paris

If you’re looking for African food in Paris then discover our round up of the best pan African restaurants in the city. From Nigerian to Senegalese cuisine, there are some amazing spots serving up incredible traditional, regional dishes. Read on to learn more about the best spots in Paris.

It’s not easy to have a round up of restaurants which cover such a vast variety of different cuisines found in Africa. However our list features mainly restaurants serving pan-African food from different cultures. From Nigerian to Ghanaian cuisine, there’s restaurants serving up amazing traditional food from the continent. In our list you’ll find restaurants with Jollof rice, fried plantain and Yassa chicken on their menus. If you’re looking for Ethiopian food then check out our guide to the best Ethiopian restaurants in Paris.


One of Paris’ most successful African fast food restaurants, Afrik’N’Fusion brings together various cuisines from the continent under one roof. They currently have two locations in the city in the 20th and 13th arrondissements and two more in the suburbs. They say fast food but you’re more likely to have a no-frills sit down meal experience if you go for dinner. It’s a really mix between a franchise like & home cooking style of restaurant and the food is great. Generally I’ve got the impression that their regional dishes are pretty authentic yet they’ll play with the sauces and rice to add an extra twist. The food is on the spicier side so be warned! Their speciality dishes include Senegalese specialities Yassa, Mafa and Thieb with a choice of meat or fish. Starters include fried plantain and a delicious platter of fried accras de morue (spicy cod fish cakes) with a house sauce. Finally they have some great dishes from the grill including a half a chicken seasoned with suya which is a traditional spice mix from Ghana.

What to know before you visit

  • Open every day of the week for lunch and dinner
  • They don’t serve alcohol


54 Rue Jeanne d’Arc, 75013
330 Rue des Pyrénées, 75020


A La Banane Ivoirienne

Down the tiny street of the rue de la forge Royale in the capital’s 11th arrondissements lies A La Banane Ivoirienne. A tiny, incredibly friendly Ivorian restaurant serving up west African specialities. The dining space has a homely African style with a super friendly and welcoming service to match. It’s a restaurant that serves up simple, unpretentious home cooked food that’s punchy in flavour. There are a few Caribbean influences on the menu such as avocado and prawns and Yassa chicken. Mainly you’ll be here to try their awesome braised specialities such as their chicken Mafé. This dish comes with a grilled and braised chicken leg covered with their punchy house sauce. They’ve also got a great drinks menu with some house cocktails. Definitely try their house infused rum! There’s also a small selection of wine and beer on offer. Occasionally they have live music playing in the lower room.

What to know before you visit

  • Closed on Sundays and Mondays
  • You can reserve online

Address: 10 Rue de la Forge Royale, 75011
Tel: 01 43 70 49 90


Waly-Fay is a really cool Senegalese restaurant serving up classic, traditional dishes in a modern, industrial-chic dining space. Located just off the trendy Rue de Charonne in the city’s 11th arrondissement, Waly-Fay brings a touch of modernity to humble dishes and the result? Super punchy food with some super deep, satisfying flavours. Their modern approach really comes into play with their entrées – the crab gratin is delicious and subtly spiced. Classics like fried plantaine are done well and come with an addictive house sauce. On the main side they’ve got classic West African braised dishes such as Yassa chicken and Thiep (rich and fish) which is flavoured with hibiscus and sorrel. I’d recommend going for their N’dole crevette which is a dish of jumbo shrimp covered in a rich ginger based sauce. They’ve also got a grilled meat menu including marinated chicken and mixed kebabs served with their house sauces. It is a little bit pricier than some other traditional African restaurants but I’d argue it’s well worth the price.

What to know before you visit

  • Open daily for lunch and dinner on weekdays and dinner on weekends
  • You can reserve online

Address: 6 Rue Godefroy Cavaignac, 75011
Tel: 01 40 24 17 79

African Kitchen

The aptly named African Kitchen is a West African restaurant with a focus on Nigerian specialities. Just off the bustling party street of rue Oberkampf in the 11th arrondissement, it’s really easy to get to from the city centre and there’s of great bars for drinks before or after your meal. The dining space is clean and modern yet relatively small so if you’re going in a big group it’s certainly recommended to book in advance. Their menu is massive and it covers off many West African classics such as Aloko, Mafé and Yassa. On the Nigerian side there’s Pepper soup in various forms and the famous Jollof rice which has a really good, spicy flavour. Finally there’s the classic Egusi soup made with Nigerian pistachios, spinach and onions.

What to know before you visit

  • Open daily from 4pm to 11:30pm

Address: 92 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011
Tel: 09 50 41 22 17

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