curry mayo recipe

The Ultimate Restaurant Quality Curry Mayonnaise Recipe

If you’re looking for a silky smooth, restaurant quality Curry Mayonnaise recipe then look no further. Our recipe does take a bit of time but you’ll be rewarded with an awesome home made, curry flavoured mayo without the grit found in quick mixed versions.

curry mayo recipe

This recipe does require making a mayonnaise from scratch by infusing oil with spices and then emulsifying the strained oil with an egg. You can easily do this with a pasteurised yolk if you’re worried about raw eggs where you live. It is a recipe that takes a bit more time but you will have an awesome end product for either a side dip for fries, nuggets, tofu or whatever you’d like! It’s restaurant quality as the end product is insanely smooth and has a subtle curry flavour with no effect on the texture.

The Best Homemade Curry Mayo

This recipe was designed from my experience in eating in high end, Michelin star restaurants. I’ve tried some insanely flavourful dishes that utilise many different techniques including flavoured oils. This recipe infuses spices at high temperature (100c/212f) which infuses their flavour into the oil. The reserved oil is then used to make a classic mayonnaise with an egg.

In my opinion, it’s the best way to make a curry mayonnaise dip. The resulting mayo is light, pure in flavour and has absolutely no grit that you get from mixing spices in with store bought mayo.

If you’re wondering what you can use it with, it makes a superb dip for fries, wedges, sweet potato fries, nuggets, tofu.. and what ever else you want! You can also use it as a sauce for spicy chicken burgers or even fried pakora burgers. sIt’s also a flexible recipe where you can adjust the spices to match your desired result. Sounds good? Read on to discover the best recipe for curry mayo.

What You’ll Need

To make this mayo you’ll need oil and spices for the base, flavoured oil. It’s best to use a neutral oil (for example: groundnut, canola, vegetable, avocado) and NOT olive oil for this recipe. You’ll then need the classic ingredients for a mayonnaise to mix with the flavoured oil.

Ingredients for curry mayo

Classic Mayo Ingredients

It’s the standard ingredients for a classic mayo – you’ll need one whole fresh egg, a small garlic clove, lime or lemon juice and a teaspoon of mustard.


For the spices I’d recommend using a base of curry powder (or mild madras powder) and turmeric. If you want to add some heat feel free to add some chilli power in as well. If you want to be even more playful with the spices you can of course add them separately. For example, you could add hard spices (cloves, cardamon, cinnamon) and then add powdered spices separately.


To ensure that you don’t burn the spices and that the oil is at a temperature high enough to infuse the flavour, you’ll need an instant read thermometer. You’ll also need to have a sieve lined with kitchen roll to filter out the spices to obtain a clean, flavoured oil. Finally you’ll need an immersion blender the mayonnaise along with a pitcher that’s just wider than the head of the blender.

equipment to make curry mayo

How to Make Curry Mayo At Home

The first step in the recipe is to infuse oil with your chosen spices. I tend to keep it simple and use curry powder, turmeric and a some Kashmiri chilli powder. You’ll need to heat the oil to 100c/212f by measuring with an instant read digital thermometer. Once it’s hit 100c/212f you then need to remove from the heat, add your spices and let them infuse until the oil is at room temperature.

Once the oil is cooled down you’ll need to strain it through a sieve lined with paper towel. Once you’ve strained out all the oil, it’s time to start with the mayo base.

For the base, combine 1 whole egg in a pitcher along with a teaspoon of mustard, a finely minced garlic clove, a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

Then add all of the reserved, flavoured oil to the container. Then you’ll need to emulsify the oil with the mayo base ingredients by mixing with an immersion blender. Put the blender head to the bottom of the pitcher and blend, raising the head slightly to insure all the oil is emulsified.

In case you don’t have a blender, you can use the traditional method of pouring the oil very slowly into a bowl of the base mayo ingredients whilst constantly whisking. You’ll achieve the exact same result!

curry mayo sweet potato fries


  • 1 whole fresh egg
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon or lime juice (1/2 a lime/lemon)
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 small clove of garlic, finely chopped
  • 2 teaspoons of curry powder
  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon of chilli powder
  • 250ml of neutral oil (vegetable or canola oil)

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Heat the oil in a pot up to 100c and remove from the heat. Immediately add the spices and stir to infuse. Let the oil cool down to just above room temperature.
  2. Strain the oil through a sieve lined with kitchen paper.
  3. Combine the whole egg, lemon or lime juice, dijon mustard, chopped garlic and reserved oil into a pitcher that’s just wider than the head of the immersion blender. Blend until fully incorporated. Once fully emulsified, seasoned to taste.


How long will it last for?

This curry mayo will last in an airtight container for up 10-14 days in the fridge.

How can you pasteurise an egg yolk?

You can pasteurise an egg through the Sous Vide method. Set a water-bath to 57c/135f and place the egg in the water. Leave it for 75 mins and immediately refresh in an ice bath. You can then use the yolk and white as normal. By pasteurising the egg you can make sure that it’s 100% safe for children, the elderly, those who are pregnant.

Can you mix the oil with store bought mayo?

Yes you can although you won’t quite have the same result. You may also notice that as you emulsify the oil in, the mayo will get too thick. You can add a small splash of water to make sure you’ve got an even consistency.

Can you make a Vegan version?

Yes – simply replace the egg with 60ml of aquafaba. This is the liquid that you’ll find in canned chickpeas and it’s a perfect replacement for an egg to make vegan mayo!

Can you freeze it?

Yes you can but when you defrost it the texture will no doubt change. I recommend making small batches and consuming within two weeks. It’s so delicious that I doubt it’ll ever last more than a couple of days!

How can you change the flavours?

Yes! This recipe is super flexible. Adjust the spices as you would like. You can try whole hard spices such as cloves, cinnamon sticks and cardamon. Alternatively you change the soft spices and add more or less of what you prefer.

What does Curry Mayo go with?

It’s a perfect dip for sweet potato fries, nuggets, fried tofu, veggie & chicken burgers – what ever you like!

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