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Guide to the Best Beach Clubs in Cannes 2024

The Cannes promenade, La Croisette, is home to some of the best beach clubs on the French Riviera. A stones throw away from the marina and the old town, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy Cannes’ famous beach in comfort. I’ve also included one spot (La Guérite) that’s located on the Île Sainte-Marguerite that’s a short boat ride away from Cannes.

Our Favourite Beach Clubs in Cannes

This list contains beach clubs that I’ve visited myself numerous times and they’re spots that I’ve consistently enjoyed. Note that beach clubs in Cannes are considerably more expensive than those in the nearby town of Antibes. If you’re wanting to spend less and avoid the glitzy, rich crowd then check our guide to the Best Beach Clubs in Antibes.

Note: Beach clubs in Cannes are extremely selective (even if you’ve got a reservation). Given that the majority are extensions of the 5* hotels nearby, many sun loungers are kept for hotel guests. Between June-August it can be very hard to get a spot so I’d advise ringing at least 1 month before you visit to reserve. Don’t expect to even get a table for lunch if you just turn up during the summer!

La Guérite

La Guérite is a great party restaurant and beach club. I’ll preface this recommendation with the fact that’s mainly a party restaurant.

There are about 50 sun loungers on one side of the restaurant which lie on solid ground. There’s a short path down to a staircase into the sea – as the ground is rocky there’s no sandy beach BUT the staircase means it’s incredibly easy to go swimming and the water is stunning.

Service is quick, attentive and friendly. Yes it’s expensive (€100 per bed expensive) but you get an incredible view over to Cannes and the hills above the town and the water around the island is just incredible.

The restaurant area is where the party is and you’ll find it really kicks off during the 2nd service at 3pm. The music gets loud, wine flows and everyones dancing on their tables. It’s great fun but if you want something a bit more relaxed, go for the first lunch service.

The menu is superb and the food is generally very well done. There are French and Provençal classics such as John Dory fillets cooked and served with artichoke barigoules.

What to know before you visit

  • €100 for 1 subbed – yes it’s expensive!
  • You’ll need to reserve 3-4 weeks in advance during July and August
  • You need to call or WhatsApp to reserve – they have an online booking system but there is 0 availability!
  • You can take their private boat service over from Port Pierre Canto – this is a shared trip on a 10m RIB. It’s great fun and costs €18 per person. It’s added to your bill when you

Address: Île Sainte-Marguerite, 06400 Cannes
Tel: 04 93 43 49 30

Mademoiselle Gray Plage Barrière

Back to the actual town of Cannes, one of the first beach clubs that you’ll find on the promenade is the Mademoiselle Gray Plage. It’s the beach club of the 4* Le Gray d’Albion hotel and if you’re staying there, you’ll get priority on bookings.

The beach club is large with over 50 sunloungers that are very well spaced apart. The service is one of the best that I’ve experienced in Cannes which really helps to justify the price. There’s also a DJ playing from midday but it’s chill house music which for me is perfect!

beach club Cannes Mademoiselle Gray Plage Barrière

Just like many of the surrounding beach clubs the swimming area is relatively small but you don’t have to swim out far to be out of your depth.

The restaurant area is very pleasant and they have fans and water sprays to help keep you cool during the very hot summer months. The menu is Mediterranean with Lebanese influences. Their fresh, locally caught fish are great and you’ll often see wild Seabass or John Dory on the menu.

What to know before you visit

  • You’ll need to reserve 3-4 weeks in advance during July and August
  • You need to call to reserve

Address: Bd de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes
Tel: 04 92 99 79 99

Barrière Beach The Majestic

One of the largest beach clubs in Cannes, the Barrière beach has a huge beach section and pontoon. It’s the private beach of the 5* Le Majestic hotel and despite the flashy population, it’s very accessibly to non-guests.

If you come here expect the Cannes crowd – it’s not particularly low-key! That said it is really fun and the beach section is fantastic.

There’s a pontoon section if you don’t want to get your feet sandy although the sun loungers are much more expensive than those on the beach.

The menu in the restaurant is designed by Mauro Colagreco (the head chef at the Menton restaurant Mirazur). The food is good although the service is on the slower side during peak season.

What to know before you visit

  • You’ll need to reserve 2-43 weeks in advance during the summer
  • You need to call to reserve
  • The bar closes early – 5pm!

Address: Bd de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes
Tel: 04 92 98 77 30

Hyde Beach

I discovered Hyde beach by chance a few summer’s ago when I was walking along the promenade and I’m glad I visited. It’s one of the most relaxing and less flashy beach clubs on the promenade.

The beach area is on the bigger side and their sun loungers are really good quality. The service is great and there’s really chill music playing from the restaurant area that you can hear on the beach (I personally like this).

The restaurant section is slightly raised above the beach area and shared with the chiller lounge/bar section. The food is French/Mediterranean with plenty of Provençal classics to chose from. I really enjoyed my last lunch here – rolled lamb loin with seasonal vegetables and a mint-lamb sauce.

What to know before you visit

  • You’ll need to reserve 2-3 weeks in advance during the summer
  • You need to call to reserve a sun lounger
  • They’re open for lunch and dinner
  • Sun loungers are given away if you don’t turn up by midday

Address: 45 Bd de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes
Tel: 04 93 38 19 57

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