chive oil recipe

Vibrant Green Chive Oil

This chive oil recipe is super easy and results in a vivid green oil that’s full of flavour. It’s not only a fantastic way to use up leftover chives, it also elevates your dishes making them look like they’re straight out of a fine dining restaurant! Full of chive flavour with a deep vibrant green colour, they’re super easy and fun to make.

What is Chive Oil?

Chive oil is a simple herb oil that mixes fresh chives with a neutral oil to create a stunning, green oil, perfect for finishing sauces and soups.

chive oil with soubise sauce
Chive oil used to garnish our confit leek & soubise sauce dish

It’s made by first blanching the chives in boiling water then shocking them in ice water to set the colour. The blanching step is important as it kills enzymes that make the chives taste grassy when blended. Shocking them in ice-water then stops and ‘overcooking’ and helps to retain the bright green colour.

straining chive oil
After blending, the oil-chive mixture is strained to obtain a pure chive oil

The dried chives are then blended in a high-power blender with neutral oil. You can use it directly but to achieve a really pure oil with no sediment, it’s important to then strain it through kitchen roll.

What You’ll Need

To make chive oil, you’ll need:

chive oil ingredients

Chives: Fresh chives are imperative for this recipe (dried chives will not work). It’s best to buy a big bunch from a farmers market or greengrocer. You’ll need 2 big handfuls so avoid buying the tiny 20g packet from the supermarket.

Oil: A neutral oil is best for this recipe (avocado, sunflower or groundnut oil). Avoid using olive oil as the flavour is too strong and it can be become bitter when blended.

Blender: A high-power blender is needed – I use a Phillips Pro Blend. It’s important not to blend for too long as the friction heats up the oil and spoils the flavour and colour. This is why it’s important to use a really high power blender.


  • 2 large handfuls of chives, around 100g
  • 150ml of neutral oil

How to Make Chive Oil

  1. Firstly prepare a bowl of ice water and bring a pot of water up to the boil.

  2. Once the water is boiling, place the chives into the water and blanch for 30 seconds. Remove and place into the ice water.

  3. Once the chives are cool to touch, remove and pat dry.

  4. Place the oil and the chives into a blender and blend on high for at least 30 seconds. The chives should be close to completely pureed.

  5. Place the oil through a sieve lined with kitchen roll and let the oil drip through. This may take a few hours for all the oil to come through.

FAQ: Chive Oil

What Can You Serve it With?

Chive oil is an excellent garnish for any dishes that work with it. Roast chicken, grilled pork and vegetable soups. If you want to make it pop, add it to a paler sauce such as our Soubise sauce or cauliflower soup. We use it in our Confit leek and Soubise sauce dish.

Can You Freeze Chive Oil?

Yes, it’s best preserved frozen. Ideally freeze it as soon as you’ve made it to best preserve colour and flavour. Finally, for best results use a vacuum sealer.

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