Coffee in Marseille

Where to Find Great Coffee in Marseille

Looking for great speciality coffee in Marseille? Then look no further with our inside guider to the best spots to get really good coffee in Marseille.

Marseille has become a really vibrant city over the past few years. There’s plenty of tired old jokes and misconceptions about the South’s largest city but don’t be fooled, Marseille is buzzing. There’s an incredible array of bars and restaurants that have sprung up in the last few years but also a quality selection of coffee shops serving up top notch speciality coffee.

Read on to discover our favourite spots to grab a cup of espresso or pour over coffee in Marseille.

The Best Coffee Shops in Marseille

If you’re visiting Marseille and want a quality cup of coffee then we’ve got the perfect guide for you. Hybrid coffee shop/boulangerie, brunch spots and of course independent roasters are in Marseille and there are some cracking spots to check out. All the cafes listed here have been tried and tested and are listed in no particular order.

Pétrin Couchette

Pétrin Couchette (a play on words in French that I won’t go into) is a great hybrid speciality café-boulangerie close to the Vieux Port. The boulangerie side specialises in sourdough bread (the pain vivant part), sandwiches and pastries. Their sandwiches vary daily and can come in the form of pita, foccacia and bao buns – all made in house on the day.

coffee Marseille petrin cochette

On the coffee side there’s single origin coffee that they source from the best roasters in Europe. Expect quality espresso, filter and pour over coffee. During the summer months they offer cold brew and ice lattes which are perfect to have on their covered outside terrace. Finally, for vegetarians/vegans they do offer oat milk for €0.50 extra.

petrin cochette cold brew

What to know before you visit

  • Open 9am-7pm every day during the summer
  • They have toilets
  • You pay inside and get your drinks from the counter window outside

Address: 7 Cr Saint-Louis, 13001 Marseille
Tel: 04 91 39 00 21

Deep Coffee

Deep Coffee are a speciality coffee roaster with a cafe next door just a stones throw away from the old port. Their cafe is excellent and serve up their own beans which vary weekly depending on stock. On my last visit I tasted a very well balanced Brazilian bean that was in their espresso grinder. A real gem of a café it’s perfect for espreso or pour over lovers.

coffee Marseille deep

During the warmer months, there’s a large terrace section outside on the quiet rue Glandeves which is a great spot to relax with a coffee. Aside from the coffee they’ve got a limited selection of pastries and cakes available as well as soft drinks.

What to know before you visit

  • Open 9am-5:30pm every day during the summer
  • There’s no air-con inside
  • You can buy their coffee beans inside the café

Address: 15 Rue Glandeves, 13001 Marseille
Tel: 09 72 65 80 24

7VB Café

7VB is a café located to the North of the Old Port in the Panier quartier. A speciality café with a penchant for cinnamon rolls, it’s a super spot to grab a coffee and do some remote work. The large open café has a rustic decor and is great to spend time relaxing with a coffee.

Their espresso is well balanced and enjoyable and they also offer pour over options including Chemex and Aeropress. On the food side there’s their house speciality cinnamon rolls which are priced at a very reasonable €3. THere’s also wraps and vegetarian sandwiches available at lunch time which are, again, very reasonable.

What to know before you visit

  • They’re closed Wednesdays
  • Computer friendly

Address: 9 Rue Caisserie, 13002 Marseille
Tel: 06 95 42 01 55

La Brûlerie MÖKA

Moka coffee roasters have a seriously cool speciality coffee shop to the East of the city in the 5th arrondissement. Roasters that are obsessed with the terroir of where the coffee is grown, they’re passionate about good quality, sustainable coffee. Both inside the small café and outside on their lovely terrace are great spots to grab a cup of either espresso or pour over.

Their selection for pour-over (V60 & Aeropress) is surprisingly large and the beans in their espresso grinder changes regularly. On the food side they’ve got a limited selection of pastries which seems to change regularly. You can also buy 250g bags of their house roasted coffee to go!

What to know before you visit

  • They’re closed on Mondays
  • Open from 8:30am-5:30pm Tuesday – Friday
  • They close at 2pm on Sunday

Address: 36 Bd Eugène Pierre, 13005 Marseille
Tel: 04 65 95 05 70

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